The Big Gamble
Author:Bobby Mathews


    By BobbyMathews




    BobbyMathews on

    The BigGamble

    Copyright© 2012, Bobby Mathews


    For Mistyand Noah


    When JohnMiddleton opened his hotel suite door, I shot him. The little .22revolver popped twice, and a hole appeared in his right shoulder. Imeant to kill the squirmy little sonofabitch, but he twisted away atthe last second. My other shot imploded the big-screen LCD televisionbehind him. I walked in and kicked the door shut with my foot.Middleton scrambled behind the white leather couch in the sittingroom. The gun hadn't been any louder than, say, a couple offirecrackers. Up here on the penthouse floor, most people wouldn'thave even heard it. Middleton didn't say anything at first, justlittle “huh, huh, huh” sounds in the back of his throat.

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