Sherlock Dog
Author:Carolyn Wada

    Sherlock Dog

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    Perspicacious Dog

    Perspicacious: it means keenly discerning, and Mommy says I am. Onemorning, we were walking down the Big Hill, with the trees on oneside and the road on the other. Mommy was wrapped up tightly in herJohn Watson coat, looking and walking straight ahead; to her, theywere the same trees and road as from the night before and the daybefore and the morning before. I was zigzagging, giving attention tograss and pavement and air in turn, reading the dozens of tales theytold of Who and What and Approximately When.

    Mommy did notice when I suddenly darted six feet to the right andthen six and six feet to the left and then six and six feet to theoriginal spot on the right and began to lick the road. "What isit Sherlock Dog, what is it?" she said, in the bemused voicewith which she always reacts to my shows of doggy genius. Mommy,loved but appallingly unobservant Mommy, couldn't know: that at somepoint since our last walk, someone had dropped a hot dog in the roadnear the curb; and it had been lying there for Some Time; and then acat had run from a yard, snatched up the hot dog and carried it up atree; and he (yes, it was obviously a he)(I)had made a sloppy job of eating it in the tree and had comedown to eat the fallen bits in the grass.

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