Dearborn 9-1-1
Author:Linda L. Richards

    Praisefor the work ofLindaL. Richards

    “Anyonewho has read Richards’ previous books … doesn’t need me to tellthem how sharp (and often very funny) they are.” – Dick Adler,The Rap Sheet

    “LindaL. Richards can grab her readers better than a slap in the puss or aslug from a forty-five” – Brendan Foley, author Underthe Wire,director TheRiddle

    "Forunforgettable characters and sheer suspense, remember Linda L.Richards’ name.” – bestselling author Gayle Lynds

    "Keepyour eye on this author. She will go far!" -- Debra Fitch,HuntressBook Reviews

    “Moveover Stephanie Plum. Madeline Carter is going to give you a run forreadership.” — Dawn Myers, WritersUnlimited

    "Ifthere's justice, many more people will be finding out how goodRichards is, and soon." – critic Sarah Weinman

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