Baltimore Stories: Volume Two
Author:Nik Korpon

    Baltimore Stories: Volume Two

    Nik Korpon

    Smashwords Edition

    Copyright 2011 Nik Korpon

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    Author’s Note

    Some of these stories were published long ago (relatively speaking)and some in publications that evaporated into smoke. Some are fromvery early in my writing, and though I’d approach them differentlynow, I think it’s important to see progression. I like them all andwanted to give them a chance to be seen, to be read. None haveexplicit connections to Old Ghosts, but feel like they should.There’s also an excerpt of the upcoming novella that spawned all ofthese giveaways.

    Thank you to all of the editors for believing in them (or letting medupe them into believing.) Thank you to you, for reading thiscollection.

    ‘Cobwebs and Dead Skin’ is an excerpt of the novella By theNails of the Warpriest (OW Press, September 2011) and wasoriginally published in Dirty Noir.

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