A Moon Light Walk
Author:Michael Wolf

    Asuspenseful psychological thriller set within the depths of the citystreets of Manhattan.

    Youcatch yourself thinking one night on the subway ride home.

    Youbegin to ponder on a thought unlike any other you have had before.

    Athought which, when enacted upon, can and will change a man's lifeforever.

    Absolutecontrol begins to transcend.

    Youare enlightened, empowered, intrigued.

    Youstand up thinking you are about to begin your journey,

    Butin actuality,

    Yourjourney as already begun.

    Yousimply smile –

    YouOwn The Night..

    Whatdoes it mean to enter into a stream of consciousness that willforever engulf you in a repetitive loop of self-destructive thoughtdetrimental to your life?

    Howwould it feel to have your own mind turn against you, operating andfunctioning with the sole purpose of seeking revenge through asubconscious vendetta?

    Whatwould it be like to be in a prison from which there is no escape- Aprison that you created?

    Whatis your“Rabbit Hole?”

    It’s a dark springnight, cold and unpleasant; the City of Manhattan has never looked soblack, as you glance down at your watch you pause as you are about toread the time of the night. You sit there waiting, watching, for theflickering lights of the subway to cycle again so you can see throughthe shadows. The time reads 2:03 am; it’s late, an end to a longday. On the opposing side of the train you see the silhouette of whatappears to be another passenger, you make him out to be a man. Evenas the lights flicker you can only make out an outline of his facialfeatures. He has done nothing to you, you don’t even know him, hejust sits there, cold as stone; it was as if he met eye to eye withMedusa herself. The mood of the subway is heavy, and the air thickensas the lights flicker off from the rubble on the tracks that rock thetrain as it darts to the next station. You both once again enterabsolute darkness. Not a word, nor sound can be heard, just therepetitive trance like sounds of the subway trekking along thetracks. As you look at yourself in the reflection of the window, yourmind can’t help but wonder, and a thought enters your head, aseemingly harmless thought; yet one that yields such power andpotential its effects are and will always be an unforeseentranscended act of fate.

    What if you decided tofollow this man?

    Who is he? What does hedo? What is his business at 2 AM? In this moment you make the boldlife changing decision to find out. Your destination is three stopsaway. As you approach the next station, its lights glare in throughthe window and you see your new friend stand up. It is his stop. Younonchalantly stand up and walk toward the door furthest from him yetclosest to you. As he exits the subway, you follow twenty yardsbehind. At this point, he doesn’t appear notice you. If he did, itis all a coincidence that you both got off at the same station; hecan’t read your mind nor could have seen you pondering your actionsback on the subway which have lead you to this moment. He iscompletely unaware as to your presence and intentions. You have theupper hand. Your mark begins to approach the subway exit, up a longflight of concrete stairs lit only by the moonlight shining throughat the other end. You briefly notice what appears to be a full moonbut you can’t be bothered with mediocre observations at this pointin time; you are on a mission. As he walks at a steady pace down thestreet he sticks to the path under the street lamps as to light hisway. You walk to right, along the buildings, lurking in the shadows.Your adrenalin begins to pump; the excitement of your current journeyhas you on a natural high, euphoria and thrills of the catch is yourdomain this night. You do the only thing you know to be right. Youslowly reach over to the collar of your black double-breasted peacoat and flip it up. Your jacket covers seventy percent of your face,the rest, by the shadows of fate. If anyone were to notice you allthey would see would be whites of your eyes; though given yourcurrent journey and its intentions, those whites might as well befilled with an empty blackness, a color given its meaning by themanifestation of pure nothingness. Five city blocks go by, it hasjust been the two of you, not one other person, not one other car. Hebegins to feel a presence, you aren’t a professional, he noticesyou. A connection is made in his subconscious; you must be the sameguy from the subway. He slowly begins to pick up the pace, “Am Ibeing followed?” he thinks to himself. Though he is unsure, hecan’t be sure. What if he is wrong, and he approaches you; he maybe thought of as crazy. So he presses on, toward his destination atan increased speed. You now risk the chance of losing him, “Why ishe walking faster?” This intrigues you, “What is he hiding?”You pick up the pace. You are now being sucked into his world, hismind-set, and his schema of thinking; this is no longer a game, nor asimple moonlit walk- this just got serious. Your mark glances back ashe approaches the corner and peers into the shadows, “what made himlook back?” He now knows he is being followed. He veers off hispath to his destination; he walks in the complete opposite directionand doubles back. You have been figured out, but he seems harmlessenough, so once more you follow his every step; he must havesomething good to hide if following him caused him to double back.Your minds, by a twist of fate set into motion by a single harmlessthought, have become linked, intertwined; yet neither of you realizeit.

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