The Andreou Marriage Arrangement(65)

By: Helen Bianchin

Only every night. ‘A wife can’t hear too much of a good thing,’ she responded with teasing lightness, knowing every word came from the heart.

Her pregnancy had delighted him, for he’d been there for her every step of the way, loving the changes to her body, amazed at the discovery the babe she carried was in fact two. He’d gowned up and witnessed their birth, marvelled at the miracle, and become as much of a hands-on father as time would allow.

‘I’ve been thinking.’

‘Why do I suddenly have the feeling that could be dangerous?’

Her mouth curved into a winsome smile. ‘This is a very large home with several bedrooms.’

His eyes darkened measurably. ‘You say this…because?’

‘Perhaps we should consider providing Sebastian and Sienna with a brother or sister.’

‘Are you sure you’re ready for another pregnancy so soon?’

‘How does May sound to you?’

‘A year from now?’

‘Ah, my husband is good at maths.’


‘It will give you time to get used to the idea,’ Alesha said with a wicked gleam as she linked her hands at his nape.

‘My concern is only for you.’

‘I know.’

And she did, aware she’d come full circle in a marriage to a man she hadn’t expected to love more than life itself.

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