In Pursuit of His Wife(58)

By: Kristi Gold

Her eyes brightened. “Oh, Sebastian, that would be marvelous. By that time, we will have our baby and we can introduce him or her to its new cousin.”

Knowing he had pleased her pleased Sebastian greatly. “I vow to make this home as extravagant as you like.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tightly for a time. “My dear sweet love, my home is anywhere you are.”

This incredible woman, his wife, the mother of his child, had changed him in ways he had never believed possible. “And I promise you this day, beneath this historic statue and this symbol of bygone days, I will be there for you and our children through good times and bad.”

She pulled away and stared at him. “Children?”

“Certainly. At least five. However, you do realize that will require quite a bit of practice, beginning tonight in the sleeping quarters on the plane.”

“I am already pregnant, Sebastian.”

“My dear, practice does make perfect.”

As they rejoined the celebrants and sought out the bride and groom, Sebastian Edwards realized that perfection was in his reach. He had a remarkable wife, the promise of a bright future and a love he had resisted out of fear. He had learned to forgive when forgiveness had not come easily for him, yet he had his lovely bride to thank for that. The moment he returned home, he would seek out his father and afford him the benevolence Nasira had taught him, before it was too late to mend their relationship.

Ten years ago, the confirmed bachelor and billionaire had entered into a convenient marriage with an exotic stranger. He had done so to produce the requisite heir but had abandoned that plan and refused to entertain the idea of having children when she’d miscarried. For her part, Nasira had married to escape a life dictated by her father’s belief she wasn’t worthy to choose her own mate. Never in a million years would Sebastian have believed this arrangement would result in undeniable, unconditional love.

Life was good, and he predicted it would only grow better with each passing day. Forgiveness was his for the taking, and love would forever be the constant that ruled his life. Not business. Not gold. Only Nasira.

Always Nasira.

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