In Pursuit of His Wife(3)

By: Kristi Gold

Sebastian opened and closed his fist. “I wasn’t thinking, only reacting to a man with his hands on my wife. A man from her past, no less. And I have come to escort that wife back to London.”

Her fury began to escalate. “First of all, nothing ever existed between myself and Mac, other than he was attempting to assist me in fooling my father into believing I’d been compromised.”

“He looked as if he would like to compromise you in earnest a few moments ago.”

She refused to give credence to his suspicions. “Your imagination is evidently running wild. And most important, I am not your property, Sebastian. I will return when I decide to return. If I decide to return.”

“You’re my wife. You belong with me.”

At least he hadn’t said she belonged to him, as if that were any consolation. “I came here to gain some perspective and I am going to stay until that is accomplished. You might as well climb back on the jet and wait at home for word from me.”

“I refuse to go until this issue is resolved.”

Despite his stubborn attitude, Nasira began to notice how handsome he looked and knew immediately she would lose her determination if he stayed. Too much time had passed since they had made love—the one thing that had always been right with their convenient marriage. Yet that had been his decision, not hers. “At the very least I will be here until Rafe and Violet’s wedding at the end of the month.”

“I’ll wait as long as it takes.”

She brought out the best argument to convince him to go—the shipping business he owned and ran. “I cannot believe you would ignore your duties and abandon the company for any length of time.”

“I own the company. I can do what I please.”

Such a frustrating man. “Do you have an answer for everything?”

He sent her a slow, easy smile. The smile he had given her all those years ago from across a very crowded ballroom, as if they had been thrust into a storybook scene. The smile that had convinced her to enter into an arrangement to escape her father’s clutches. “Have you had dinner?”

No, and she had begun to feel the effects. “I have not, although Violet has prepared a meal.”

“I’m certain she will understand if you would rather dine with your husband. We could continue our discussion then.”

While Nasira took a moment to consider her options, the door swung open again and out walked Rafe, her tall, dark, handsome overly-protective brother.

He immediately eyed Sebastian with disapproval. “I see you did not follow my advice and remain in London, brother-in-law.”

Sebastian looked equally miffed. “And when we spoke by phone two days ago, I made it quite clear I would make that decision without your interference.”

Nasira stared at her husband before returning her attention to her sibling. “Rafiq bin Saleed, why did you not tell me you spoke with Sebastian?”

Rafe did not appear the least bit contrite. “You mentioned on numerous occasions you did not want to be disturbed by him.”

“And he refused to allow me to speak with you when you ignored my calls to your cell,” Sebastian added.

She despised it when men insisted she could not look after herself. “You had no right to take the choice out of my hands, Rafe.”

“It makes little difference now,” Sebastian said. “I’m here and I intend to make the best of the situation.”

She only wished she knew what else he intended. That information would only be gained if she accepted his invitation to dine with him tonight. “I’m going to accompany Sebastian to dinner. I will be gone an hour or so.”

“Do you believe that is wise, Nasira?” Rafe asked.

“We bloody believe that is none—”

“I can speak for myself, Sebastian. I am no longer your charge, Rafe. I can take care of myself. Tell Violet I truly appreciate her hospitality. We should go now, Sebastian, before I change my mind.”

With that, Nasira followed Sebastian down the porch steps and when she didn’t immediately spot a sedan, she paused on the pavement. “How did you arrive here?”

He nodded toward a shiny black truck at the end of the drive. “This is all they had available to rent at the airport.”

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