In Pursuit of His Wife(2)

By: Kristi Gold

“Consider it done, Nasira. That’s old water under the bridge now that Rafe knows I didn’t really sleep with you. And since he’s marrying my sister, I consider us all one big happy family.”

Relief washed over her, though she couldn’t claim to be happy over the state of her own marriage. “I so appreciate your understanding.”

“No problem. Mind if I ask you something?”

“Not at all.”

He raked a hand through his dark blond hair. “Don’t take this wrong, but I’m wondering what the hell your husband was thinking when he let you get away?”

The course of the conversation made her somewhat uncomfortable. “It is rather complicated. Sebastian is complicated. After ten years of marriage, at times I wonder if I know him at all.”

“One thing I do know. When a man doesn’t realize the value of his wife, that’s borrowing trouble. I just hope he comes around soon and realizes what he’d be giving up.”

If only she could believe Sebastian had the capacity to be transformed into someone who would fight for their relationship. “I truly appreciate your concern and understanding, Mac.”

“You’re welcome. Guess I’ll be heading home to the Double M now.” He started toward the steps but paused and faced her again. “Before I leave, I’d just like to say it’s fairly clear you don’t need another big brother, but if you ever want a sounding board, you know where to find me.”

How nice to come upon such a benevolent man. She certainly had not received so much compassion from her own husband in quite some time. “Thank you.”

Mac returned to her and rested his palms on her shoulders. “Keep your chin up and keep standing your ground. You deserve the best.”

Until six months ago, she had believed she had been blessed with the best of everything. Almost. “For the sake of clarification, Sebastian is not mean or cruel. He is simply too controlled and at times, distant. I have often wished he would lower his guard and demonstrate some sort of emotion, but I’ve accepted that it will most likely never happen—”

“Unhand my wife, you bloody bastard!”

Nasira barely had time to comprehend what she had heard before her estranged husband rushed onto the porch, drew back his fist and hit Mac in the chin, knocking the rancher backward against the brick wall.

When Mac gave Sebastian a menacing look, Nasira returned to reality in time to step between the men. “What are you doing, Sebastian?”

He pointed at Mac and sent him a menacing glare. “I’ll not allow another man to grope my wife.”

Never had she’d seen Sebastian act this way, and as much as she deplored violence, and despite her shock over his sudden appearance, she was pleasantly surprised, albeit somewhat mortified. “Oh, for goodness’ sake. He is only a friend and he was not groping me.”

Mac pushed away from the wall, rubbed his chin and glared at Sebastian. “If I didn’t think so highly of your wife and her brother, I’d invite you to take this out into the yard and finish it, you jackass.”

Sebastian balled his fists at his sides. “I would be glad to finish this.”

Nasira spun on her husband. “Stop this right now, Sebastian. No one will be fighting if I have any say in the matter, and I do.” She turned back to her friend and sent him an apologetic look. “Mac, I am so very sorry for my husband’s behavior. I assure you he’s not normally so impulsive with total strangers. And if you would not mind, I would like a few moments alone with him.”

“No problem,” Mac said before turning an acrid look on Sebastian. “I’m going to give you a pass, Edwards, and only because you’re Nasira’s husband. But don’t push your luck by trying something like that again.”

Sebastian straightened his tie and smirked. “If I find you touching Nasira again, I cannot promise there won’t be a repeat performance.”

“Just take better care of your wife and you won’t have to worry about me.”

After Mac disappeared into the darkness, Nasira prepared for a confrontation. “What were you thinking, and why on earth are you here?”

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