Hot Velocity

By: Elle James
Operation Day Care

Highly skilled combat veteran and former rodeo star Rex Trainor likes to be in the thick of the action. So when he’s loaned out to Homeland Security, he plans to bide his time until he can get back to the real war. He doesn’t, however, plan on Sierra Daniels, a local day-care giver whose pretty smile hides a stubborn streak more daunting than Wyoming’s Beartooth Mountains. When tragedy nearly strikes the kids in Sierra’s care, Rex vows to expose the culprit. Rex hasn’t failed on a mission yet, and protecting the desirable Miss Daniels is no exception!

Ballistic Cowboys

Sierra backed away. “I have to ask you not to do that again.”

He nodded. “Agreed. It wouldn’t be a good idea for you to get involved with me. I won’t be around for long and, despite our little charade, I’m not very good boyfriend material.”

Sierra hadn’t expected him to agree with her so quickly. Disappointment filled her chest. Pushing back her shoulders, she lifted her chin. Why should she care? He’d only confirmed her desire to avoid anything sticky growing between them. Still…

He turned and walked toward the door.

Before he crossed the threshold, she asked, “Why?”

He stopped and half turned toward her. “Why what?”

“Why do you make bad boyfriend material?” She shouldn’t be interested in his answer, but she was and she waited for his response.

He shook his head, a hint of a smile tilting his lips. “Trust me. I’m no good for you, or any other woman.” With that, he walked out of the room and shut the door.


Rex “T-Rex” Trainor—US marine on loan to the Department of Homeland Security for Task Force Safe Haven.

Sierra Daniels—Mother’s Day Out Day Care worker who loves children and being independent.

“Hawkeye” Trace Walsh—US Army Airborne Ranger and expert sniper, on loan to the Department of Homeland Security for Task Force Safe Haven.

Kevin Garner—Agent with the Department of Homeland Security in charge of Task Force Safe Haven.

Jon “Ghost” Caspar—US Navy SEAL on loan to Department of Homeland Security for Task Force Safe Haven.

Max “Caveman” Decker—US Army Delta Force soldier on loan to the Department of Homeland Security for Task Force Safe Haven.

Clay Ellis—Sierra Daniels’s ex-husband who hasn’t accepted that they are divorced.

Grady Morris—Political candidate in the race for senator of Wyoming.

Bryson Rausch—Formerly the wealthiest resident of Grizzly Pass, who lost everything in the stock market.

Leo Fratiani—Land agent set on securing some land for an oil pipeline project.

Brenda Larson—Sierra Daniels’s friend and coworker.

This book is dedicated to my grandmother who, at the age of 97,

is still fighting to stay in this world. After a broken back,

she powered her way through physical therapy to make it

back home from rehab for Thanksgiving. She’s a fighter and

I hope to have as much gumption as she does when I’m 97!

Chapter One

“Whatcha got?” Captain Rex “T-Rex” Trainor leaned toward the man sitting beside him in the helicopter, preparing to deploy into the small Afghan village on the edge of nowhere.

Gunnery Sergeant Lance Gallagher, Gunny to the unit, grinned, splitting his scarred, rugged face in two, and held up a small, shiny piece of paper with a black-and-white picture on it. “Number four is a boy!” he shouted over the roar of the rotors spinning overhead.

T-Rex nodded. “Congratulations!”

“Three girls and a boy.” Gunny shook his head, his lips curling into a happy smile. “Poor kid will be outnumbered by women.” He looked up, catching T-Rex’s gaze, his smile fading. “That’s why I’m giving up the good life of a career soldier to retire. I plan on being there to make sure Junior gets a shot at playing football, baseball and whatever the hell sport he wants.”

T-Rex didn’t blame the man. “Someone needs to be there to make sure he has that chance.”

“Darn right.” Gunny waved the thin piece of paper at T-Rex. “I want to teach him to throw his first ball, build a fort, take him hunting and, most of all...teach him how to treat a woman right.” He winked.

What every boy needed—a father who cared enough to show him the ropes. T-Rex’s dad had taught him everything he knew about horses, ranching and riding broncos in the rodeo. He’d taught him how to suck it up when he was thrown and to get back up on that horse, even when he was injured. Too many kids nowadays didn’t have that parental influence, whether it be a mother or father, to push them to be all they could be and more.

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