His E-Mail Order Wife(58)

By: Kristi Gold

He grinned at Mandy. “You bet, sweetheart.”

“Oh, Drew,” Kristina said. “We don’t need to have a big wedding. Small is fine by me.”

Lilly cackled. “My dear, you are marrying a Connelly man. They don’t know the meaning of small.”

“I guess you already know that, huh?” Drew whispered, causing Kristina to blush like a brushfire.

Drew hugged his daughter, then his grandmother. “Thanks, Grandmother. For everything.”

Lilly smiled. “My pleasure, beloved. Grandmother always knows best.”

In this case, Kristina couldn’t agree more.


“Are they really married, Nana Lilly?”

Lilly hugged Amanda close to her heart as they sat behind the banquet table. “Yes, dear, they’re really married.”

Lilly once had believed that assisting fate was an honorable cause, but, alas, her matchmaking days were over. However, she couldn’t stop the tiny nip of pride as she watched her handsome tuxedo-bedecked grandson dance with his new bride, dressed in white Connelly lace, knowing in fact she’d had a hand in this perfect match. At times grandmother did know best, even if some people were hard-pressed to make that concession.

Lilly nudged Amanda from her lap. “Go on, dear heart. Your daddy and Kristina would like you to join them in a dance.”

Amanda rushed away in a flurry of pink crinoline skirts and youthful exuberance. Lilly surveyed the room filled almost to capacity with close friends and the Connelly family: Emma and Grant twirling on the ballroom floor along with Maura and Douglas, Elena and Brett, all competing for space as they joined the bride and groom in a waltz.

Lilly noted Tara standing nearby with her intended…what was his name? Ah, yes, John Parker. A nice safe, sensible man who’d recently presented Tara with an extravagant diamond and the promise of a nice, safe, sensible future. Yet this was not a perfect match by any standards; Lilly had realized that the moment Grant had introduced the two. Tara could not love another man the way that she had loved her dear, departed Michael. The way she still loved him. Lilly honestly believed that that certainty, that soul mate, came along only once in a lifetime.

If Lilly had her way, she would have a good sit-down with her granddaughter and try to convince her not to make a snap decision in matters of the heart. But Lilly wouldn’t intervene this time. She had barely escaped disaster with her last attempt at facilitating happiness. Tara would have to come to that conclusion on her own.

With her help, everything had worked out grandly with Kristina and Drew, Lilly admitted. Drew had found a woman to heal him, someone he could love through the years, as Lilly had loved her own husband through happiness and heartache.

On that thought, Lilly turned her gaze on Tobias sitting across from her at the table, looking as debonair as he had the day they’d met. He answered her smile with one of his own. No words passed between them, only a timeless love that had existed for five decades.

After blowing Tobias a kiss, Lilly glanced at Drew and Kristina once again, Amanda held securely between them as they waltzed around the floor. Such a wonderful family, indeed. And perhaps soon there would be more children born to the couple to complete their life together, so that they, too, would hold dear to each other, to what they had found together.

One knew in this instance that that would be the case.

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