Comparative Strangers(57)

By: Sara Craven

‘No chance.’ Malory wrapped her in his arms, kissing the remaining tears away. ‘I would never have let you go. If you’d left me, I’d have followed you to the end of the world.’

‘You are my world.’ She looked at him, her heart in her eyes, and saw her love reflected in his own gaze.

‘And now, my pregnant angel, it’s time you got some of the sleep the doctor ordered,’ he told her firmly.

‘On one condition.’ She snuggled her cheek against his bare shoulder. ‘When I wake in the morning, I want to be in your arms.'’

‘You will be,’ he said. ‘In my arms, and in my heart, all the days of our lives.’

And, with a sigh of total contentment, Amanda closed her eyes.

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