West Wing to Maternity Wing!

By: Scarlet Wilson
The President’s Baby Doctor

Famous neonatologist Lincoln Adams is looking after the U.S. president’s newborn daughter when nurse Amy Carson arrives at the hospital, posing as his very pregnant wife! Amy’s had firsthand experience of Linc’s skillful hands and he’s the only person she trusts to look after her precious cargo, but trusting him with her fragile heart is another matter.…

Amy pointed at the screen as the nurse, Lynn, resumed her checks. “I know him.”

Lynn’s eyes darted over to the television, taking in the hunk currently filling the screen. Amy bristled. She could almost hear her thoughts.

Lynn gave a small smile. “Well, you’re a lucky lady, then. I imagine he’s one of the best neonatologists in the world if he’s looking after the president’s baby.”

“He is. I tried to get hold of him yesterday, but he didn’t answer the text I sent him. I guess he was busy.” The message I need your help had been direct and to the point without revealing anything. Her voice was quiet, thoughtful. Her hands rubbed her stomach. “How is it?” she asked as Lynn unwound the blood pressure cuff. She knew the answer before Lynn spoke, but her head was currently in another place. There was only one person in the world she trusted right now to take care of her baby. “I can’t let anything happen to this baby,” she whispered. “He’s my only chance.”

Lynn wrapped her hand around Amy’s. “I know that.” She hesitated, glancing toward the television. “Maybe it’s time to ask a friend for help?” Lynn’s eyes fixed on the television screen. “If I knew my baby was going to come early I’d want the finest neonatologist in the world to be at the delivery.” Her voice was firm and strong. “Wouldn’t you?”

Her phone beeped and she reached into her pocket. It was a reply from Linc. Two words. Anything. Anytime.

Their eyes met. Amy bit her lip and took a deep breath, the shine of unshed tears visible in her eyes. “Exactly how far away is Pelican Cove?”

Dear Reader,

This is my second story in the fictional setting of Pelican Cove and based around the White House Medical Staff.

Picking a setting for a story is always difficult. When I started to write these stories I could see Pelican Cove very clearly in my head. A small town, sort of based on Murder, She Wrote’s Cabot Cove, but set on the California coast. I also found a picture of a beautiful studio flat in San Francisco and used that as the setting for Lincoln’s apartment. I almost wish I stayed there myself!

Part of this story is about a young woman who has had breast cancer. I took this part of the book very seriously and spoke to a number of women who have beaten this disease. I hope I’ve captured realistically everything that they told me. The most poignant part for me is the scene in front of the mirror with Amy and Lincoln. I just hope I’ve done it justice.

I love to hear from readers, so please come and visit me at www.scarlet-wilson.com.

Many thanks,



LINCOLN ADAMS stuck his fingers into the collar around his neck and pulled—hard. The collar was at least an inch too small for him. It didn’t matter that the whole ensemble was Italian made from the finest materials. The suit trousers were an inch too short and the waist was an uncomfortably snug fit. He kept his arms firmly by his sides, his hands clenched in his lap, because if he leaned forward onto the table in front of him, the jacket would stretch across his back, restricting his movements. It was bad enough having to borrow someone else’s clothes, but when they were a size too small… The sooner he was out of here the better.

The White House press secretary swept across the room in a flurry of eye-catching blue silk with a tailored black jacket on top. Every pore of her skin emanated professionalism and efficiency, and she knew how to work a crowd. This was all her fault.

He gave a forced smile at David Fairgreaves, who sat down next to him. The old man didn’t look in the least fazed by the pandemonium surrounding him. In fact, he looked as if he might actually be enjoying it. Was he mad? Then again, for an international-award-winning doctor, this would be all in a day’s work.

Diane Green stood behind the podium next to him. Almost instantaneously the cameras started snapping around them and the noise level increased frenetically. She raised her hand and the press pack heeded. She had the information they’d all been waiting for.

‘Thank you for joining us here today at Pelican Cove for our happy announcement. You will all be aware that President Taylor and his wife, Jennifer, were expecting their first baby on seventeenth October. However, today, on the twenty-third of August, Charles and Jennifer Taylor are delighted to announce the arrival of…’ she paused for effect ‘…the First Daughter, Esther Rose Taylor, weighing four pounds ten ounces.’

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