Unwillingly Yours(12)

By: Marian Tee & Lourdes Marcelo

Jaike was no gold-digger, not even in the remotest sense, but Derek almost wished she was. At least then he would know where he stood with her. Right now, he couldn’t seem to find a way to get to her, and it frustrated the hell out of him.

“You don’t hate me, but you don’t like me either. Why is that?”

She toyed with her necklace, a simple chain with a heart-shaped pendant, bringing it to her lips in a nervous gesture he also found oddly sexy. “I just…I don’t hate you, okay? W-we just met. I wouldn’t have any reason---”

Derek said swiftly, “If you don’t hate me, prove it. Go out with me.”

Just as swiftly, she answered, “No.”

He smirked. “See?”

The scowl she gave him made him suppress a smile. How would she feel if she learned that her cute angry face was more a turn on for him, and that little scowl of hers just made him want to fuck her more?

Wanting to tease her even more, he murmured, “Give me one reason and I won’t bother you again.” He fished out his lighter from his jeans pocket and then his cigarette pack from another.

Jaike suddenly said, “I don’t like guys who smoke.”

“But your friend smokes.” Derek had a hard time keeping his face expressionless when he saw the flare of dismay in her eyes. She was a terrible liar, adorably so.

“It’s…it’s different.”

He looked at her intently. “You mean it in a way, don’t you?”

She shrugged.

Derek rolled his eyes, but he threw the barely used stick on the ground anyway, grinding it with his shoe. Pussy whipped at the first day, he thought. Worse, he didn’t care, not when he saw how happy it made Jaike.

Jaike hastily wiped the smile off her face at Derek’s knowing glance.

“Made you that happy, huh?”

“I hope you didn’t do it for me,” she muttered stiffly. “You should have done it for yourself.”

He couldn’t help chuckling. She sounded like a nun. “You’re one of those good girls, aren’t you? The kind---”

“I just don’t like guys who smoke,” she said shortly.

Derek wanted to curse. Was she mad about the smoking or was it because he was guilty of generalizing her? Whichever the case, Derek had said the wrong thing again, something the all-too-perfect Angelo Valencia probably would never have thought of saying.

Before he could apologize, someone had gone under his arm to emerge next to him like a pop-out arm candy. “Hey there, lover.” It was Tanya, one of the senior students that made up the party’s organization committee. She wore a corset-styled top and denim skirt, and Derek knew if he glanced down he would be able to see all the way to her perky breasts.

She tiptoed to kiss Derek on the lips. “I’m finally off duty. Let’s go?” Tanya threw her surroundings with a dismissive glance. “This place is for losers.”

The dismay in Jaike’s eyes deepened into distrust, and this time Derek swore out loud.

Tanya’s head turned to him sharply. “Derek!”

He wanted to shake the other girl off him, but years of etiquette training prevented him. “Hush, Tanya.” It took a lot to keep his smile friendly. “That was a shitty thing to say and you know it.”

She pouted, trailing her fingers over his arm. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I want to get you alone. I can’t stop thinking about your dick---”

“Tanya, darling, now is really not the time to talk about that.” Derek’s face was flushed as his eyes jerked towards Jaike’s.

Jaike nodded at him, her eyes unable to meet his, just before she turned away.

Derek didn’t hesitate to disentangle himself from Tanya’s clingy hold when Jaike started walking away. Fuck no! He was not letting go of her just like that. He caught after Jaike, causing her to gasp as he forcibly whirled her around.

Jaike didn’t want to meet his eyes.

His grip tightened. “Forget about her. We don’t have anything serious going on. But you…” Derek inhaled. His voice was urgent as he said, “You’re different, Jaike. Go out with me.”

She pulled away from his hold. “I’m sorry, no.” She turned away again, and this time he let her go. He didn’t go after her, but he kept his gaze on her all the way until she reached the exit doors of the auditorium.

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