Unfriended(Love in New Highland Book 1)(4)

By: Deana Farrady

All you have to do is tabulate the hours Charis Sloane and I have spent chilling together over the years and you'll see that honor goes to her.

Sloane isn't anything like Aura. She's on the level. What you see is what you get with that girl. A dose of her is like a cup of coffee. Essential to a good day. Without that daily dose of Sloan, I've been fucking lonely.

I missed my best friend—bad.

Damn. You know, I really thought that's all it was—missing my platonic best buddy. That, and maybe working too many long hours, was getting me down...

It just burns. When I think of all those years I went around without a clue, all because—

Shit. No excuses I can dream up can make up for wrecking the most important thing in my life. Pretty much any way you look at it, I'm a certified stupid fucking idiot.

But where was I? Oh, yeah, the doorbell. It rang while I was stewing over the fuckup that is my relationship with Aura.

I thought it was Sloane ringing my bell.

But it wasn't Sloane at my front door.

It was Aura.




I want to mention straight off that I don't usually greet my girlfriend that way. I smile and take her in my arms. I almost did it this time. She looked gorgeous enough to eat in that cotton-candy pink alpaca sweater. But I was still pissed at her for the airport fiasco.

This happens—I get angry and I want to fuck. I get tired and I want to fuck. I get sick and…you're getting the idea. Being a dude is awesome, the way fucking takes care of half my issues.

"You're angry," she declared. "I knew you were. I could hear it in your voice."

"Or the way I hung up on you," I said sarcastically. My desire to fuck was unfortunately fading fast.

"What is your problem, Ash? This is not like you. You're usually so happy. What did I do?'

I stared at her with disbelief. "You forgot I was out of town."

"What? I did too know you were gone. How can I not know? I missed you so much, lover. You should have told me when you were coming back."

"You had my flight info."

Tears sprang into her eyes. "Oh, Ash. I know what this is really about. This is about me not picking you up. You know I would have if you'd only asked me to. Why didn't you tell me you needed a ride? You need to communicate with me."

That wave of tiredness was returning. "Right."

Abruptly it didn't matter. All I wanted now was for finals to be over and spring break to start. I wanted to spend a week lolling around in bed with my girlfriend with maybe some family time thrown in. Because I fully intended to end my social exile very soon.

Oh, yes, I was seeing Sloane again, as soon as humanly possible. We'd kick back and—

"Ash! Are you listening to me? Open your eyes!"

My eyes flew open. Aura was looking up at me, her green ones alluringly at half mast. Damn, she was lovely. Under the towel, my cock stirred.

I spent a split second debating sleep and sex.

It was no contest, really.

TIME OUT. WE DID NOT, IN FACT, fuck here, but I need to tell you about my cock for a moment.

Cock is a driving force in my life. No joke. I have this theory that guys go through certain stages in life that mark how much we control our destiny.

Stage One: I can't control my cock.

Stage Two: I should control my cock.

Stage Three: I must control my cock.

Stage Four: How do I get back to Stage One again? (This stage, obviously, is not pertinent to any male in the Norrell line. Ask me about my grandpa and great-grandpa some time.)

The fact is, I lost my virginity at sixteen and I have not gone a month without fucking since. Sex is not optional for me. For a variety of reasons, which I may share later, keeping my life on track means keeping my cock happy.

End time out.

SO, GIVEN THAT AURA WAS MINE, I did what I usually did with her—I let my cock rule the day.

I kissed her, peeling off her clothes, and then stood back and soaked in the sight that never failed to get me hard—that incredible hourglass outlined in stretchy silk underthings.

I knew that in a few minutes, shit would be better. I'd lose myself in her pussy and forget everything for a while—this sorry-ass relationship, how fucking lonely I was, and most of all, I'd stop thinking about where I'd rather be right now.

Who I'd rather be with…

Forcing my mind away from That Person, I focused hard on my girlfriend's fantastic tits, and that's when I made my big, careless mistake.

"You have to be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," I said.

Fuck me, I spoke without thinking.

Because, you know, to my hopeful brain, she was. Aura was the woman every guy on campus wanted. The first year I was with her, dudes kept hitting me up for estimates of when I'd be through with her.

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