Turbulent Desires(9)

By: Melody Anne

“I’m at a loss for how to do this,” Evelyn admitted.

They all sat there quietly for several minutes as they tried to put their collective brains together. Then Sherman looked at the group with a huge smile. The rest of them waited to hear what he had to say.

“The fund-raiser!” Sherman told them with excitement.

They looked at him with confusion.

“Sherry got sick and called last week to tell me she had to step down from organizing the event this year,” Sherman said, barely able to contain his excitement. “Maverick’s raised hundreds of millions for injured vets since he started the foundation, and this is the biggest fund-raiser of the year. The money goes to veterans suffering from PTSD. If we got Lindsey to chair the event, she would meet so many people, and she’d be alongside Maverick for the entire journey. Maybe it will help heal her and show them both they are so much better together.”

“That is a great idea, Sherman,” Joseph said, his voice echoing off the house as he sat up straight in his seat, practically giddy.

“I’ll give Maverick a call right away.”

Sherman pulled out his phone and dialed his nephew. It didn’t take long for Maverick to understand what Sherman was asking him. When he hung up the phone, he turned to the group who were all eyeing him expectantly.

“It’s a go,” he said.

“Then it’s time for a toast,” Evelyn announced.

“We can now leave it in fate’s hands and get to other business. When are you coming to Montana?” Martin asked.

The group leaned back as they made plans. When they all put their minds together, the world had better watch out because they were surely a force to be reckoned with. No one was able to withstand them when they were on a mission.


“What call was so important you had to stop in the middle of our bout?” Cooper asked as Maverick put down his phone and grinned at his brother.

“It was Uncle Sherman. Should I have ignored the call?” Mav said with a raised eyebrow.

Cooper held up his hands in mock surrender as he grinned. “Oh, hell no. The old man would have shown up down here and taken far longer than a couple minutes of our time,” Cooper said.

“Yeah, that’s why I have a special ringtone for him. I know better than to ignore the old man.”

“Ha. Me too,” Cooper said. “What was the call about?”

“Are you just trying to get out of the fight?” Mav asked.

He was now incredibly distracted after the call with his uncle. Sometimes Uncle Sherman had the most amazing ideas ever. Mav refused to tell him that, though. The old guy’s head was full enough.

“Hell no. I can kick your ass any day of the week. I am curious about the grin on your face, though,” Cooper said.

Maverick danced across the ring as he gave his brother a look he knew would egg him on. Boxing wasn’t his favorite sport, but sometimes a decent brawl was good for the soul. And nothing was better than taunting one of his brothers. Okay, taunting all of them at the same time was actually better, but Nick was on duty and Ace . . . well, he just missed Ace like hell.

“Ha. You became a new daddy, and all of a sudden you forgot how to move,” Mav said with a laugh as he got a right jab into his brother’s jaw.

“I can still take you to town any day of the week,” Cooper assured him as he managed to get a hard hook to the left. That one actually hurt his hand.

But Maverick could tell that taunting Cooper wasn’t such a great idea after all. Not when he was so distracted by that phone call and what Uncle Sherman had suggested he do for Lindsey. Nah, he couldn’t be that distracted by the beautiful brunette, could he? Maybe he just had to pick up his speed.

“I don’t think so, old-timer. Matter of fact, I can see a few gray hairs beginning to appear at your temples,” Maverick said, trying to knock Cooper’s concentration off balance.

It wasn’t working.

Cooper managed to get a right hook followed by a quick triple jab to the left side. He was going to hate life in the morning. But he would make sure his brother was hurting too. Going on the offensive, he backed Cooper into the corner and got off a couple of good shots before Cooper came back swinging.

That’s when it went downhill fast.

Cooper threw a punch to his brother’s side and Maverick spun wrong, lost his footing, and slammed forward against the mat. The room went silent as a crunch louder than Cracker Jacks being eaten could be heard echoing through the gym. Cooper instantly paled as he looked at Maverick.

“Shit, Mav!” Cooper shouted as he dropped to his knees beside his brother. “Did it break?”

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