Turbulent Desires(4)

By: Melody Anne

He stumbled back and Lindsey turned around, trying to decide whether to stab him again or make a run for it. He made the decision for her when he lunged back into her face, his cruel eyes completely arctic now.

His hands circled her neck, and instantly her vision blurred as he looked into her eyes with vengeful hatred. She knew if she lived through the night, that look would haunt her for years to come. Lifting her arm again, she stabbed him once more, this time in the side.

The man let go of her neck and punched her hard enough that the room went black. When she became aware again, she felt deep pain in her abdomen, and then felt the stickiness of blood as it trickled down her side.

Lindsey felt a tear slip as she realized she was going to die. There was nothing she could do to stop this man. It was over. The last thoughts were of the pain her family was going to go through. Her mother and father would be devastated. Her brothers would seek revenge. So much pain was going to be caused by this evil man, and she’d been too weak to stop it.

Devastation consumed her.

“I warned you to play nice, you stupid whore.” He screamed obscenities at her as he lifted the scalpel and sliced her again. The pain stopped and she knew that was bad—knew that meant her time was almost up. She just hoped they caught this bastard before he could ever harm another person again.

As his arm lifted to administer the final blow, a gleam of victory in his eyes, his clear intent to go for her throat, a banging sound echoed off the ER walls.

Everything slowed down as she watched disbelief enter the man’s eyes for the briefest of moments, and then his arm dropped and he fell on top of her, pinning her to the bed beneath his lifeless body.

The next few minutes were a blur as his weight was lifted and a torrent of activity overtook the room. Lindsey knew if she did make it through the night, her life would never be the same again. She came in and out of consciousness as she was lifted, her clothes removed, a needle painfully stuck in her arm—and then the lights went out.


Sitting in the corner of the pew, Lindsey kept her large bag beside her so no one would sit too close. Even with that layer of protection, her body was pressed uncomfortably hard into the wall as she stared straight ahead, not wanting to make eye contact—not wanting anyone to speak to her.

She hadn’t told anyone she was coming to the funeral of Doctor Ted Stamos, but she couldn’t miss it even though her injuries weren’t remotely close to being healed.

It had been only a week since the stabbing, since the moment she’d nearly lost her life. The doctor had told Lindsey she was lucky she’d been assaulted in a hospital; otherwise, there wouldn’t have been time to stop the bleeding.

Rubbing her fingers beneath her silk shirt, she felt the bandages on her lower abdomen and grimaced. Lucky wouldn’t exactly be the word she would use.

Lucky wouldn’t be a word she would ever use again. Luck had nothing to do with her coming out of that horrible event while two colleagues, two friends, had died. It had been the timing of the police force. But if she’d made a call when she’d initially had the bad feeling, then today she might be sitting around the cafeteria table sharing a laugh with the charismatic doctor instead of sitting in a church, crushed against a wall, while she fought back tears as people said their final good-byes.

Clenching her fingers into a tight fist, Lindsey took shallow breaths as she tried to tell herself she was safe. Her side ached where she’d been stitched back together, and her head throbbed because she’d refused to take her pain meds on this particular day.

Lindsey wanted to feel the pain of survival. She wanted the reminder that she’d lived while two other good people had died. It wasn’t fair. None of it was fair. But even so, she didn’t want to be dead either. She was just dealing with some major survivor’s guilt.

The temperature in the room seemed to suddenly heat up, and there was a shift in the air that Lindsey couldn’t possibly explain. But without turning her head, she knew who was next to her, knew who would dare sit so close when everything about her screamed that she wanted to be left alone.

She said nothing, her body ramrod straight, her shoulder aching as she pushed it even harder against the wall as she tried to move farther away. She was barely able to hold herself together, and this wouldn’t help her at all.

Her shallow breaths became tiny little pants as her vision blurred, little black dots sparking in front of her. If she didn’t pull it together fast, she was going to pass out. That was the last thing she wanted. Who knew what would happen?

“You need to breathe, Lindsey.”

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