The Trashy Virgin(9)

By: Cassandra Dee

But once at the trailer, alarm bells started jangling in my head like fucking fire alarms. Because what the fuck, the trailer was actually rocking, bouncing up and down on its shocks. I shook my head, confused at first. Brent’s a well-to-do guy and the place we lived in was top-of-the-line, costing tens of thousands of dollars and solid as a tank. So what the fuck was happening, was this an earthquake?

But in the next second, the mystery was dispelled. Because a long whine rang out, a breathy feminine, “Ohhhh Brent!” followed by the unmistakable sound of a deep kiss.

And fuck, but the blood drained from my body then, I was rooted to the floor, unable to move, my heart beating like thunder in my chest, arms and legs weak. Because could it be? Could Katy and Brent be … oh shit … I shook my head, disbelief in my eyes.

Because then there was the unmistakable sound of wet flesh slapping and Katy’s sexy little shrieks, little cries of “Oh oh oh!” punctuated by a deep growl from Brent, a hoarse rasp of “Yeah baby, come for me.”

And I ran. Like a coward, I turned and fled, long legs pumping, chest burning, breath minty in my throat. There could be no mistaking the sounds. Brent was fucking my girl, the girl that I wanted so bad, the girl who’d been in my dreams each night since she moved in, taking over every waking thought, every lucid moment. And fuck, but Katy was eating it up. She was there of her own volition, her own free will, begging Brent for more, asking him to take her, to make her his.

And so I threw up, hurling chunks everywhere. I was so heartsick, so shocked and broken at the realization that they were together, that another man had taken Katy’s pussy cherry, that I lost my cookies like a schoolboy, the vomit pouring brown, green and ugly from my mouth. I choked and rasped, heaving, bent over double, the surprise making me numb, unable to move, do anything except keep hurling.

But slowly shock passed and rage seeped in to take its place. What the fuck? What the fuck had happened? I’d been ready to talk with Katy about starting something up, maybe dating, a relationship, exploring each other, getting to know one another physically, but I’d been beaten to the punch. What the fuck? He’d beaten me by how much? Two months? Two days? Two hours even? I’d thought about revealing my heart to Katy today, and the tiny margin made me tremble with rage, big body shaking with fury.

So I kept to myself for hours, alone in the field, stomping up and down, punching trees and letting out godawful shouts that rang out in the wilderness. It was only at ten that I could handle myself, that I could possibly go back without letting on that I knew their secret. So I strode silently into the trailer and thankfully it was quiet, Katy and Brent silent in their rooms. They were definitely up, there were thin slits of light under each of their doors, but at least they were in their respective rooms and not snuggled up in Brent’s big bed. Thank god they had the courtesy to act normal for a little while longer, like they hadn’t been going at it like rugrats just a few hours before.

And slamming my door, I got in bed, tossing and turning for hours, unable to fall sleep. I could hear Katy in the room next to mine, her breathy whispers as she dreamed, the light, moaning cries she sometimes let out in sleep. And fuck, but despite everything that had happened, I still wanted her, I wanted that curvy body wrapped around me, her pussy wet, willing and open for my dick, welcoming me inside, begging me to take her.

So I shut my brain off, forcing myself to slumber. And it worked because the next morning when I woke, something had changed. My mind suddenly felt clear, everything lighter, more transparent because there was still a way to win, to reap my rewards. Because my gorgeous girl had given her pussy cherry to another man … but that ass cherry could still be mine.



“Ready?” I asked Jason.

He didn’t look at me, instead getting into the cab of the pick-up without a word, slamming the door shut behind him. Okay, someone was in a bad mood, someone had woken up on the wrong side of the bed for sure.

So shrugging, I got into the passenger side, swinging my book bag onto the wide leather seat, turning to look at him once more, that perfect profile with its straight nose, the mobile mouth and strong, clenched jaw.

Wait, clenched? Why? So I exhaled again as Jason started up the car and tried appealing to him once more.

“Jase,” I said, my voice open and inviting. “It’s seven a.m. for crying out loud, what happened this morning to make you so mad? What is it?”

The man wouldn’t even look at me, those blue eyes fixed on the road as we drove to school, through an abandoned lot before pulling onto the local road. Corn fields rolled by, the first kiss of frost on the golden stalks, a couple cows mooing here and there, aimlessly turning to look at us as we passed.

“Jase,” I tried again. “Was it Ms. Smith? Look, I know this is really awkward, but I can tell from the way she looks at you. I know she asked you to stay after yesterday for some bullshit meeting, so seriously, tell me if she’s doing something inappropriate! Everyone knows Ms. Smith is a cougar, tell me, tell Brent, tell the administration, tell someone, don’t keep it locked up inside.”

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