The Trashy Virgin(7)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Oh!” she screamed. “Oh god!” she shrieked, slapping her hands against the stall walls for balance.

And feeling her pussy loosen and cream a bit, gush wetly against my hand told me that she was ready. I kissed her clit once more, lightly nipping at the sensitive nub, making her squeal once more, but then stood, wetly pulling my hand out with an obscene sucking sound.

“That’s how much you want it, baby,” I murmured against her lips, pulling one of those thick thighs around my waist so that her snatch was flush up against my dick. “Did you hear that sound? Your cunt was so sad to see me go that it tried to suck me back in.”

And the girl just mewled against me, wrapping her hands around my neck, stroking my broad shoulders, my muscled back.

“Please Mr. Larson,” she panted, “take me now. I need it so bad.”

And I was only too happy to do the honors. Gripping my dickhead in hand, I ran it up her slick folds, nudging that swollen flesh, massaging the underside of her clit.

“Ready?” I rasped into her ear. “Ready for Daddy to take you?”

But I didn’t wait because in the next instant, I’d fucked into her good. With one sweet stroke I broke through the thin piece of tissue inside, embedding myself within that sweet, hot cunt, and fuck, but the girl cried out loud then, her moan ringing like a siren inside the tiny bathroom.

“Ohhhh fuuuuuck,” she cried, throwing her head back, eyes closed, as her pussy sampled its first dick. “Oh god, it hurts.”

I kissed her then, taking her mouth with mine gently, running my tongue between her lips, soothing the pain, the hurt.

“I know honey, I know,” I rumbled, “but it’ll feel good soon, I promise.”

And although it killed me, I held still in her sweet cavern, cock pulsing and tight, letting those sweet folds adjust to the huge monster inside, her pussy imprinted to the shape of my shaft, curving like a mold to my fuckpole.

“Feel that?” I rasped, rocking my hips just a little. “That’s how good it’s gonna feel when I start fucking you for real.”

And the brunette clasped me tighter then, rubbing her breasts against my chest.

“Please Brent,” she gasped. “Do it now, for real, it’s better now.”

And fuck, but as I began pushing in and out, slowly at first but then growing in speed, the little girl’s pussy began to bloom around me, to fill out like a woman. Her folds grew more swollen, more tight, hugging my dick like a precious gem, riding the shaft more and more vigorously, humping her clit against me with each drag.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned again, kissing me fervently. “Yeess!”

And with that, I started going full bore, first time or not. Because Katy’s pussy loved it, I could tell from the wetness, the way she spread her thighs wide, inviting a deep-dicking. And soon I was slamming into her hard, my balls hitting her asshole with every thrust, her little butt lifted in the air with every push, like she was impaled on a spit, moaning and gasping with ecstasy.

“Yes Mr. Larson,” she panted again, almost crying now. “Yes!”

And with that, the little girl came. Her pussy clamped down hard once more before exploding in a shower of sparks, clenching and spasming over and over again, female cries of ecstasy ringing loudly in the bathroom. And the milking motion, the feel of a girl erupting on my dick forced me over the edge. A tidal wave started low in my abs, pushing my balls high and tight before I shoved deep once more and exploded, showering her insides with sperm.

“Fuck!” I roared, my shout ringing out in the bathroom. We were like a fucking symphony, her wails and cries mixing with my own. “Fuck fuck fuck!”

And between the wet slapping sounds, grinding flesh, boobs flapping and heaving, asses pushed against the ceramic tile, fucking Heaven came. Katy’s pussy clamped down on my dick, practically breaking it as she screamed, tiny teeth buried in my shoulder taking out a chunk of flesh. And I was no better, just as turned on, clutching that fine, curvy form to me, pulsing again and again into that tiny channel, spraying her with my cum.

And holy shit, but my eyes literally rolled back in my head, brain exploding with each pulse of semen. What the fuck? What the fuck had just happened? I’ve fucked plenty of females before, but this was one for the ages, I didn’t usually see stars dancing before my eyes, didn’t come again and again, spurting a girl with everything until my balls ran dry, going on for minutes. What the fuck had this curvy little girl done to me? So I took a deep breath, trying to get my bearings, to be myself again. But then I saw the red handprints on her ass, her waist.

“Honey, I’m so sorry,” I ground out, eyeing the vivid marks. Oh fuck, I’d done that to her, I’d hurt the beautiful brunette.

But the girl just laughed, a little wobbly on her feet and we both stopped for a second, watching mesmerized as a great glob of cum oozed out of her pussy and down her leg.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned again, reaching with a finger to scoop it up, the white glistening wetly in my hand. “Oh fuck.”

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