The Trashy Virgin(59)

By: Cassandra Dee

But Saxon and Stryke had been kind, touching in their care and attention.

“Sister,” Sax had said that first night. “Don’t worry about us, just get some rest.”

And Stryke agreed, both brothers stroking my body until I fell asleep, their big forms looming yet reassuring on each side, cradling me between their warmth.

Now that I was fully awake though, I contemplated my situation. I hadn’t made a single dollar for my brothers and instead had cost them forty-six thousand, none of which I could pay back. I felt like I owed them something.

But they merely shushed me.

“It’s no trouble sister,” said Sax, giving me a kiss. “Don’t even worry your pretty little head.”

“Besides,” added Stryke. “What are brothers for?”

And with that, I’d leaned into their embrace, so happy that my mother had married their dad and that I’d met these supportive, generous men. I had a feeling I could never return their kindness and was eternally grateful for their loving.

“Brothers,” I whispered. “I want to do something for you.”

“Hmm?” asked Stryke, distracted. He was stroking my breast, watching with fascination as my nips hardened under my t-shirt, listening with only one ear.

“I want to do a double vaginal penetration,” I whispered shyly. “Both of you in my pussy.”

That got their attention.

“Sister, are you sure?” asked Sax, his hands momentarily still on my body. “It’s not for every woman,” he warned.

“I know,” I replied. “But I want to because it would feel good … and I love you,” I confided.

There, it was out. As the days had passed, I’d realized that my steps were my source of comfort and support, my rocks to lean on, my lighthouse in these stormy times. What had begun as a sleazy opportunity to make porn had become something completely different … love.

And my brothers growled in appreciation.

“Sister,” they rumbled. “We feel the same about you,” they said as their hands urgently ran over my body. “We were so worried about you. We want you to stay and never leave.”

And with that declaration, we threw ourselves into the lovemaking full-force. It was more satisfying and demanding than any sex I’d ever had. Our kisses were furious and ravenous, searching and taking with only the determination and depth that lovers can muster. I ran my tongue across theirs, tasting first one brother, than the other, as I desperately reacquainted myself with their bodies and their cocks.

I knelt between their naked forms, my hands gripping the two twelve-inch dongs, my little fists full with the straining, hard lengths. God, it felt so good, the shafts pulsing in my palms, veins bulging while the tips dripped.

Hungrily, I licked Saxon’s glans, tasting his man milk before switching over to Stryke, slurping gently at the wet head. Their semen was salty and sweet, Saxon’s more musky and strong, while Stryke had a tangy, creamy feel.

I jammed their cocks into my mouth, greedy for both, trying to take as much possible at once. It was difficult and erotic, my cheeks bulging with the donkey dongs, stuffed to the brim as I drooled and mewled, hungry for man meat.

But my brothers only chuckled and ground their hips against my face.

“Don’t worry, sister,” they rumbled, running their hands through my hair. “There’s plenty more.”

And with that, Stryke picked me up and tossed me onto the big bed. I squealed, my auburn hair flying, cunny already dripping wet from the hot blue gazes latched to my body. Stryke dove between my legs as Sax nipped at my breasts, each man ravenous for more.

With a groan, Stryke licked my cunt from anus to clit, diving in deep between those creamy folds, tracing every nook and cranny of my vagina with his tongue. He lightly tapped the little hole where his dick would go, testing it before beginning a rub on my clit, sensitizing those nerves, watching raptly as cream flowed from my channel.

“Oh fuck, I’ve gotta taste,” he growled, and dove back in between my thighs, lapping up my female juices, letting them course down his throat.

Meanwhile, Sax did a number on my breasts, popping each tit into his mouth before squeezing my mounds together and suckling both nipples into his mouth. I screamed with joy, twin jolts of electricity shooting straight from my boobs to my cunt, making me gush wetly into Stryke’s mouth.

“Mmmm, tasty,” said Stryke devilishly. “Make her cream more,” he commanded his brother.

And Saxon didn’t hesitate. He straddled my breasts, squatting over my torso, pushing up their creamy bellies so that his cock was nestled between the mounds. Slowly, he began titty-fucking me, the friction so good, so hot, that his dick began leaking immediately, trailing semen all over my chest.

“Fuuuuck,” he groaned. “Oh fuck your jugs are fucking awesome.”

And I agreed, bending my head to lick the tip of his penis each time it came towards my mouth, trying to taste as much semen as possible, savoring the sperm.

“Fuuck,” he groaned again, as I got in a particularly satisfying slurp. “I’m gonna cum.”

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