The Trashy Virgin(54)

By: Cassandra Dee

Mmm, facials were good for a girl’s complexion, I’m glad she brought that up.

“Okay baby, we’re more than happy to pull out when the time comes,” I rumbled, stroking my dick again. Shit, the thought of taking her raw again was making me hard already. “But just remember … we’ll be fucking you a lot, so the chances of you getting pregnant are actually pretty high.”

She smiled at us with a light in her eyes.

“Don’t worry brothers,” Melly said sweetly. “I trust you.”

Trust us to do what? Pull out at the right moment or do the right thing if she got pregnant? But at that moment I didn’t care. I needed to be in her again, and with a growl, we descended on that nubile, willing female form.



“Oh my god, where have you been Mel?” demanded Lauren. “I haven’t seen you in two weeks, are you okay?”

I smiled to myself. Where to start? Lauren knew I’d flown off to LA for some in-person tryouts, but she had no idea that the owners of the production company were my very own stepbrothers. Hmmm, how to explain this to her? I decided to be vague.

“Well, I had such a good time out there I decided to stay a little longer,” I hedged, avoiding answering directly. “I hope the directors pick me, but it’s still up in the air, the competition is so tough on the West Coast.”

“Yeah,” commiserated Lauren. “There are so many pretty girls, plus everyone’s tan and skinny in LA, it’s intimidating. Well don’t worry,” she reassured me. “I’m sure you’ll get the job at the Donkey Club.”

I laughed to myself. The Donkey Club was the last thing on my mind these days. Instead, I’d spent a huge portion of my time in bed with my brothers, fucking their brains out. It was raunchy and wrong, but oh my god, my body literally shakes when I’m in the room with them, my cunny gushing wetly, lubing itself for their rods.

And Saxon and Stryke can’t get enough either. I’d moved into their pad in Malibu, and it was a palace. Floor to ceiling windows that looked right onto the ocean, plus a deck and swimming pool perfect for sunning myself. Exactly why people go to California and never leave.

“How’s it going out here?” asked Saxon, dropping a kiss on my shoulder as I sun-bathed in a teeny bikini. “The view’s nice, isn’t it?” he said suggestively, waggling his eyebrows as he took in my creamy, curvy body.

“Oh you!” I giggled, swatting his thigh, purposefully brushing his package with my tiny hand. I felt his groin twitch gratifyingly and reveled in the power I had over my brothers.

“Aren’t we going to start filming soon?” I asked. My brothers were still going to Intercon every morning, doing their jobs. But oddly, they hadn’t asked me to star in any productions yet although I knew they’d begun filming the “Naughty Schoolgirls” video. Wasn’t I sexy enough?

“We’re going to bring you in slowly,” Sax reassured me, stroking my hair, dropping a finger down to trail against my shoulder. “Not quite yet though, the time’s not right.”

“Okay, just let me know when,” I said with a sunny smile. “Because I’ve got to get back to Virginia for mid-terms soon.”

“No worries, little sister,” he murmured, this time his finger creeping under my bikini top and rubbing the underside of my breast. “Fly back east if you need to, we can always splice your scenes in later,” he reassured me.

And I quit talking because Saxon had popped my boobs out of my bikini top and was stroking my nipple now, making me moan and writhe in ecstasy on the lounger. Unsurprisingly, the session devolved into another joining of our bodies, hot cum and vaginal juice dripping everywhere, smearing us, the deck, the chair.

But Lauren’s voice on the phone later that day brought me back to reality with a jolt.

“Are you coming back for the Anthro 1 exam?” she asked. “I hear it’s going to be pretty easy, probably A’s and B’s for everyone.”

Oh shit, I’d forgotten. But I was actually somewhat prepared for that one, so it should be okay.

“I’ll be back in town Wednesday,” I affirmed. “Pick me up from the airport?”

“Sure no problem,” said my roommate. “And Mel,” she added. “There have been some frat boys acting weird, asking questions about you. Do you know Matt and Rick from Sigma Chi?”

Hmm, that was odd. I’d been to one of their house parties a month or two ago, but those names didn’t ring a bell.

“No, but who knows?” I said with a shrug. “Maybe they just wanted to borrow notes or something.”

“Okay, just wanted to let you know,” she replied. “Cool, I’ll see you Wednesday,” she chirped before hanging up.

I didn’t want to leave California and my brothers. But now that Saxon and Stryke were covering my tuition, it was even more important to do well and graduate.



Ah, Virginia. It was nothing like California, the sun mild instead of bright, the quad filled with leafy trees and imposing stone buildings. I liked it. I’d forgotten how regal Trinity was, the elite, private school feel permeating my bones.

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