The Trashy Virgin(53)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Fuck me, fuck me,” I tried to say, but it just came out as an “Mmph! Mmph!” around my brother’s cock.

But they knew what I was trying to say and began a rhythm in my body, syncopated at different ends, stuffing me in and out, treating me like a total fuckslut.

And I loved it. A tremor built in the base of my spine, weakening my knees, and if I hadn’t had two cocks spearing me on both ends, I probably would have collapsed because the tidal wave came at once. With a muffled shriek, I shuddered and shook, my cunt clenching down on Sax’s shaft while I sucked with renewed fervor on Stryke’s cock.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” I mumbled without abandon, the men’s heaving and pumping growing in intensity. With no warning, the dicks burst in me simultaneously, emitting sweet, hot man milk, spraying my pussy walls with fertile, hot seed while pumping viscous ejaculate down my throat. It only enhanced my orgasm, and I shook even harder on their poles, my body vibrating like a metronome gone crazed, rippling with waves of pleasure as I came again and again.

As we recovered, I heard Stryke exclaim, “Fuck she’s a squirter!” as he looked down at himself. And I smiled because I knew it was true. I have the unique ability to ejaculate, my pussy spraying its female juice, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his thighs and abs were now coated in my cum.

“Mmm, we’re lucky then,” growled Sax as he pulled his dick from my mouth, watching as the semi-flaccid pole emerged, drenched in saliva and sperm. I coughed slightly, my throat sore and dry, but it was totally worth it because that man meat had tasted good.

“Girls who can spray are at a premium,” murmured Sax as the last of his dick came free, dripping wetly onto the floor. “Baby, you’re going to be one of our stars,” he rumbled, stroking my hair as I struggled to stand, my holes gaping, achingly empty all of a sudden.

“It’s a lot of money, sister,” added Stryke, grinning as he wiped himself clean. “Trust me, you’ll love it.”



The little girl had proven slutty beyond our wildest dreams. Who would have guessed that the shy mouse we’d met at lunch so long ago would turn out to be a total fuckslut? Dollar signs should have been flipping before our eyes.

But the thing is we haven’t filmed Melly for production yet despite the fact that she’s an obvious goldmine. I mean, we should have put her to work that very first day, time is money after all. Instead, my brother and I hadn’t even had her sign a contract. We’d just petted her a bit, stroked her hair, acted like she’s a little girl we want to take care of.

And it’s the weirdest thing. Despite not really knowing her, Melanie’s special to us judging from all the extraordinary treatment she’s getting. And it’s not just a fluke -- my brother and I haven’t been using protection for the most damned reasons.

“Brothers,” Melly said after a hot session, panting a bit as she straightened, her boobies jiggling, semen running down her thigh. “Should we have used something?” she asked with a confused expression. “I’m not on the pill.”

Saxon and I had stopped short. Not on the pill? All fertile women used the pill, this was the twentieth century.

But Melly saw the looks on our faces and shook her head.

“I don’t use it because I wasn’t seeing anyone at school,” she said shyly. “And I don’t sleep around, so there was no need.”

Fuck, this little girl really was different from the whores we worked with. Melanie was unstintingly generous when it came to sharing her body, but she was uniquely naïve and still young. Not all dudes were getting such a great package.

“Honey,” said my brother gently. “Do you want to be on the pill?” He gave her a searching glance.

She flushed. “No, I heard it makes you fat,” she whispered.

“Then we won’t ask you to use it,” he reassured her. “But are there other types of birth control you want to try? Stryke and I are totally clean, so it’s just pregnancy that we’re talking about.”

Melly paused for a moment, swallowing a bit, moving her hips as if still feeling twin cocks inside.

“Well … maybe you could pull out when it’s time?” she asked.

Fuck yeah! That was my favorite method of family planning. I hate condoms and I know my brother does too. Same with diaphragms and that IUD shit. It makes sex bad, I can always feel something poking or prodding right when it shouldn’t be. But I had to be diplomatic.

“Are you sure?” I asked gently. “Saxon and I are great at controlling ourselves, but pulling out isn’t a perfect technique. Even bits of pre-cum can slip into your cunny and do the trick, especially because you’re a fertile eighteen year-old.”

“I know,” she said softly, looking us in the eye. “But it just seems yummier to go bareback,” she confessed. “If you pull out right when you’re about to spurt, it’ll be warm and I don’t mind getting sprayed with semen … it makes me tingly inside and is good for the skin,” she said with a sweet smile.

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