The Intern Vol. 2

By: Brooke Cumberland
Chapter One


I WAS BORN into a driven household. Failure was never an option. I was taught to work hard for what I needed and work harder for what I wanted. And what I wanted was hiding under my desk as if I were some predator. I hadn’t known until now that she was what I wanted—craved.

I stop moving as my eyes roam the floor and spot the white sheet crinkled against the carpet.

Is she hiding from me or is she hiding from being caught?

“Ceci,” I growl.

No answer.

I know girls respond to sex differently. Some make it an emotional experience while others are all about the physical. Ceci’s a mixture of both—the worst combination.

After no response or movement, I decide to walk out as if I didn’t know she was sitting under there. I walk to the other end of the hallway to where my sitting room is. I walk to the bar and grab a glass.

I try to think how I want to handle this, but only rage consumes me. My mind is filling with questions and until I know the answers to them, my body isn’t going to settle down.

I hear the creak of my office door opening and slow, faint steps against the carpet in the hallway. I hear another door open and I know she’s only walked far enough to reach the bathroom.

So this is how she wants to play it.

I pour a finger of vodka and suck it down before I slam the glass down against the bar. She’s going to know I was looking for her. She can’t deny that she didn’t hear me—I checked the goddamn bathroom, for Christ’s sake!

I pour more vodka…and another…and soon I know I need to stop or I’ll be passing out before I even get to confront her.

I stumble my way down the hall and see the bathroom light is off. She must’ve wandered back into my bed. I slowly walk in and see she’s curled up back on her side as if she never even left. I huff at myself, almost laughing at the stupidity of it all. Perhaps she was just emotional and needed a moment, but why do that in my office?

Fear, doubt, and rage continue to churn inside of me as I think about Ceci being a traitor or worse—an outside job. My mind is thinking of worst case scenarios and quickly, I convince myself she’s working for someone else to get inside information. I couldn’t let her make a fool out of me, or Leighton Enterprises.

Not again.

It wouldn’t be the first time a girl used me for inside information. The thought brings me back to two years ago when she almost destroyed me. Leighton Enterprises holds exclusive and confidential information that other reporters wouldn’t think twice about stealing.

I walk to her side of the bed and tower over her. I watch her sleep—breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out. She looks like she is asleep, but it’s hard to know for sure.

Her eyes jolt open and her body jumps from the sight of me. I look down on her wondering who the girl I just fucked really is.

“What are you doing?” she asks hurriedly, grabbing the sheet for comfort.

I look at her through glazed eyes, and I can see the fear on her face. What’s she thinking right now? What is it she’s really after?

“Get up,” I demand. The room is pitch black, but the outside streetlights are beaming through the windows. I can see her hesitation and fear immediately, but I’m only a shadow to her.

“What?” she croaks out.

I lean over the bed and hover over her body. “You heard me. Get up.”

She looks at me as if I’ve betrayed her, or as if I’ve done something to invade her privacy.

She sits up, taking the white sheet with her and covering up her chest. I laugh to myself. I had my tongue all over that chest. What exactly is she hiding?

I grab her forcefully by the upper arms and pull her body up to mine. She looks me in the eyes, and I can see she’s trying to not show the timid girl she really is. She’s putting on a show.

“Drop the sheet,” I order, keeping my eyes locked with hers. Her eyes stay locked on mine as if she dares me to order her again. “I’m not going to ask again, Ceci.”

She releases her clenched fist that’s holding the sheet in place. I watch as it drops to a pool at her feet. The light behind me shines through just over her body, giving me a perfect view of her silky, soft skin.

“Now what?” she challenges.

“On your knees,” I snap. “Hands behind your back.”

Her breath hitches at first, but she willingly obliges. She slowly looks up at me through her dark lashes as she waits for my next command.

“Open your mouth.”

I pull my briefs down and stroke my already hard cock. I groan as I take it in my hand and plunge it into her mouth. She willing accepts my full length, not giving up until the tip has reached the back of her throat.

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