The Demure Bride(63)

By: Joannie Kay

"We're still engaged, Mister," she whispered, and Rob smiled. He loved this wildly unpredictable woman and he always would.

Matt was delighted with the news waiting for him at home and agreed that they could have the wedding soon. Amanda and Rob were delighted with Matt's news, too. Dave was the new Sheriff, and would be marrying Helene soon and settling down in town. Amanda was almost as happy for her friend as she was for herself.

The Chambers' home was a whirlwind of confusion and planning for the next couple of weeks as everyone worked hard to make the wedding happen and on time. For the most part Amanda's temper was kept in check, but when she showed signs of exploding all over the place when it was obvious that the flowers she wanted couldn't be found anywhere in the area, Rob simply took her aside and planted a few well-placed spanks on her rounded bottom. It was amazing how quickly her good mood was restored.

The day of the wedding dawned to be a beautiful day. Amanda was filled with joy at the knowledge their waiting to be together would end today. She was happier than she thought she ever could be and all thoughts of returning to the East were gone forever. Her life was here with the man she loved.

Rob was delighted that he'd found a bride that was nothing like what he'd thought he wanted. Amanda certainly wasn't a demure bride, but she was his bride and he loved her with all his heart. His heart was filled with pride when Matt walked her down the aisle, a lovely vision in white. As they spoke their vows, everyone else in the room ceased to be. They only had eyes for each other. And so, Amanda Chambers became his demure bride.

The End

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