The Demure Bride(5)

By: Joannie Kay

Chapter Two

"No, I am not going to apologize to that horrid man!" Amanda jumped to her feet. "Robert Thorne treated me despicably, and if anyone apologizes, it should be him! He beat me! I struck him twice, and he used my whip to hit me considerably more than two times. I have welts on my posterior!"

"You couldn't feel a darn thing through those heavy skirts you was wearin', girl!" Matt scolded. "If you did you wouldn't be standin' there sassing me." He glared at her, "I'm fed up with your uppity ways, Mandy. You struck our neighbor when he was tryin' to help you from your spill. You made a fool mistake in tryin' to jump that mare, and then you made it worse by gettin' mad at Rob. You are goin' to take yourself over to his place tomorrow and apologize, even if I have to tan your hide and haul you over there myself."

"Why are you so determined to humiliate me, Father? Why do you persist in failing to see my side of this situation?" She stomped her foot, clearly irate. "I will never apologize to that man! Never!" She turned on her heel to stomp from the room, but she didn't make it to the door. She didn't even hear Matt move, but he caught her by the elbow and pulled her right back to his desk. "What do you think you are you doing...? No! Father, no!" she cried out in dismay, but it was too late. His work toughened hand landed on the rounded part of her skirt. "Don't you dare treat me like this! I am fully grown!" Amanda's temper was blazing as she struggled to get free of the ignoble position in which she found herself.

"All I see is a spoiled brat who needs to mend her ways, and I should have done this two years ago instead of waitin' to see if you'd settle down," Matt said as he spanked her again.

"I will never forgive you for this!" Amanda was humiliated beyond belief.

"We'll see about that," Matt Chambers said solemnly, and to her horror he flipped up her skirt and then her petticoats until all that was covering her bottom was her lace and ribbon trimmed cotton drawers.

"No! You cannot do this, Father! I am a grown woman! What if someone walks in and sees me like this?"

"If it is anyone who's had to put up with your snotty tantrums lately they'll probably applaud and want to shake my hand when I'm done, and I ain't gonna be done for a long while," he added in an ominous tone of voice as he continued to spank her rounded bottom.

"Father! Stop!" Amanda was already in pain... from her fall, and from the spanking she had endured at Robert Thorne's hand. "You are truly hurting me!" Tears filled her eyes.

"I ain't hurting you, girl. I'm tryin' to get your attention. You were out of line this mornin'. You treated your mare bad, and you treated Rob Thorne like it was his fault you got throwed. All the sass in the world ain't gonna change that. It's time I started acting like your Papa and settle you down. No man is gonna give you a second look if you keep actin' so high and mighty!"

Amanda burst into tears. The spanking really hurt! Her father was a very strong man and used to physical work. Her poor bottom was on fire and she felt like a naughty little girl! She didn't like being treated like a bratty child! "Please stop! Please!"

"Who are you talkin' to, Mandy?" Matt demanded, continuing to apply his hand in hard spanks meant to chastise.

"To you!" she answered sharply, and then gasped when he spanked lower, in an area that was especially tender from the earlier spanking with her riding whip! "Please, Papa, not there!" she begged. "Stop!"

"Now, was it so hard to call me Papa?" Matt asked quietly, giving her one more hard slap on her bottom.

"No," she admitted.

"I like it when you call me Papa," he admitted without a bit of shame. "Makes me feel like you like me a little."

"Of course I like you, Papa!" She tried to turn and look at him, but he was still holding her in place with one strong arm around her waist. "I love you," she said tearfully.

"I love you, too, Mandy, girl," Matt said emotionally. "And I don't like havin' to do this, but I love you too much not to tan you when you need tanning." He gave her three more sound spanks, causing her to cry out each time. "Are you going to obey your Papa and say 'sorry' to Rob?"

Amanda simply could not agree to do that. She just couldn't! That man had no right to thrash her with her own whip! Matt took her silence for stubbornness, and he started spanking again, in earnest. "Nooooo! Please stop, Papa! I am in pain!" she screeched.

"I'll stop when you agree to tell the man you're sorry for striking him with your whip, girl, and not one second before." He was a strong man, and even though his hand was on fire, he would keep this up as long as necessary to make his point. Mandy was always stubborn, even as a small child. She'd needed her Papa's guidance, and now he was going to have to be very firm.

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