The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby(8)

By: Kira Archer

Leah took a deep breath. Yes. There were many aspects of her impending motherhood that made her want to go into the fetal position herself. But then again, in six months’ time, she’d be holding her own tiny bundle of adorableness. It had its perks.

She looked up at the proud parents, not even caring about the dopey grin on her face. Until her gaze met that of Brooks who, as godfather, stood right beside her.

He watched her, his brow drawn slightly. Like she was a puzzle he couldn’t figure out. She mentally snorted. Get in line, buddy.

The after-christening soiree was in full swing under the tent that had been set up on the beach, the twinkling white lights that had been strung all over anything that didn’t move creating an intensely romantic atmosphere. Prime seduction real estate, right there. But the only woman he was even remotely interested in seducing was cradling the guest of honor who had apparently decided it was past her bedtime and had fallen asleep in Leah’s arms. Not that he blamed the little thing. Falling asleep in Leah’s arms, after doing a few other things there, was currently top on his bucket list.

Of course, he still couldn’t quite wrap his head around the thought that she had one of those little creatures growing in her belly. Why he hadn’t shaken her hand and immediately hauled ass away from her the moment she’d told him she was pregnant was a mystery he didn’t want to delve into just then. His interest still burned strong, bad idea or not. Maybe because it was a bad idea. He was obtuse like that. Whatever the reason, he couldn’t get Leah out of his head.

She finally handed the baby back to Kiersten, a curious expression on her face. Like she both longed for and dreaded the idea of someone handing her own baby back to her, which, thankfully, wasn’t something that would be happening anytime soon. They still had time to have a little fun first. And now that her attention wasn’t occupied…

He downed the rest of his champagne, keeping his gaze zeroed in on her until she looked up. He put on his best swagger and headed straight for her. She watched him approach like he was a lion stalking his prey. Or…maybe a giraffe would be more like it. Did giraffes have prey? Either way, with his height, he’d always been more Deadpool than Wolverine in the body department. And if she got that reference, he’d marry her on the spot.

“Dance with me,” he said, holding a hand out to her.

Her eyes widened at the command. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you how to ask nicely?”

He gave her a slow grin. “Of course, but I figured if I asked that would give you room to turn me down, and I don’t want that.”

“You always get what you want?”

“Generally, yes.”

“Sounds like you could use a lesson in patience.”

He pulled her up and into his arms. “Always the teacher, hmm?”

She grimaced a bit. “I try not to be. Can’t seem to help myself.”

He swayed with her to the music. “Don’t stop on my account. I’m finding the whole schoolteacher thing erotic.”

She snorted. “I think you find pretty much everything erotic.”

“If it’s to do with you, absolutely.” He twirled her and she gripped his shoulders. It was all he could do not to haul her against him and show her exactly how erotic he found her. She laughed, despite the obvious effort she was making to keep it together. That quiet, husky sound made him want to really amp her up so he could hear it again. At a louder volume.

He spun her away from him and brought her back, continuing their path along the dance floor.

She glanced around them and then back up at him. “Every woman in here is staring at you. You could have any one of them. Why are you dancing with me?”

He met her gaze. “Because I like you.”

Her eyes narrowed slightly. “You don’t even know me.”

“I like what I know so far and am trying to get to know you better. If you could stop making that so difficult it would be much appreciated.”

Her lips twitched. “You already know the most important thing about me.”

He lifted his brows. “I do?”

She let out an exasperated sigh. “I’m pregnant.”

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