The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby(7)

By: Kira Archer

He bent down and she pulled from his grasp, hand clapped over her mouth. She’d just puked over the side of the boat. She was not going to start making out with him now. “That’s not what I meant,” she said with a little laugh.



“That’s not an answer.”

“Sure it is. Just not one you like.”

He grinned. “This is true. So give me another one.”

She pressed her lips together to keep her smile in check and put her hand on his chest to push him away. “Now isn’t a good time.”

“Now is always a good time.” He paused, frowning slightly. “Would the father object? I mean, is he—”

“He’s not in the picture.” No matter what he decided he wanted his role to be with the baby, if she could ever get ahold of him, they weren’t in a relationship and she had no plans for them to ever be.

“Well, then…”

“We’ve got to get ready for the christening.” And she had to brush her teeth before she got anywhere near him again.

Brooks checked his watch, then frowned and sighed. “I guess we do. Well then, I’ll meet you in front of your cabin in half an hour so I can escort you to the boats that will take us ashore.”

“That’s not necessary.”

“It would be my pleasure.” He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it like some medieval knight.

Okay, he was kind of over the top but still…swoon.

“Besides,” he said. “We’re the godparents. We’ll have to stand together at the church. Might as well arrive together.”

She couldn’t argue with that, though she had no idea why he’d still want to spend time in her company now that he knew she was pregnant.

“All right, then. Half an hour.”

He gave her a playful wink that had her stomach flip-flopping. Or maybe it was just another round of morning sickness. Either way, it would probably be best to quickly make her escape.

Not that escape seemed possible.

When she opened her cabin door to head to the boats that would take them ashore, Brooks was there waiting. He sat beside her on the boat and helped her to the shore, and then insisted on escorting her into the small stone chapel on the banks of the tiny Greek island owned by one of Cole’s friends.

The amount of money in the collective bank accounts of the people in that church blew her mind. Part of her envied what Kiersten and Cole would be able to give their child. They’d never have to worry about finding a decent—and affordable—place to live, or good childcare, or any of the necessities of life. Not to mention all the fun stuff like the latest toys and trendy clothes. That kind of security would be amazing.

But there were some downsides to growing up filthy rich. All she had to do was look around the gathering. Granted, the people streaming into the church were better than many of their subset. Cole and Kiersten were good people and they wouldn’t have invited anyone who wasn’t more like them than not. Still, there was more than a fair share of trophy wives dripping in diamonds carrying Tiffany gift bags for the new baby. Because that’s what every baby needed—a literal silver spoon or two to play with. Even the nicer ones in the bunch seemed a bit out of touch with real, everyday life.

Leah felt like a regular Joe in a sea of Gwyneth Paltrows. They might be nice and mean well, but they still thought a hundred dollars for a T-shirt was a steal and didn’t blink an eye at spending a cool grand on a onesie their kid would puke on inside of five minutes. Leah might have to struggle sometimes, but at least her child wouldn’t grow up spoiled and out of touch with reality.

Though…a little of that unrealistic fantasy might be nice. Struggling on her own was bad enough. The thought of being responsible for another human being filled her with terror.

All further musings on the impending doom in her life ceased the moment Kiersten handed her baby Piper. Leah smiled down at her goddaughter. People say all babies are cute. People also know that isn’t remotely true. There are some unfortunate newborns out there. Piper, however, resided firmly in the adorable zone. Especially at that moment, with her flowing christening gown and matching bonnet, her rosy round cheeks sweetly dimpled, cupid’s-bow lips puckered with sleepy phantom sucking.

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