The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby (Winning The Billionaire)(3)

By: Kira Archer

“Sorry. What was that?”

Kiersten grinned at her. “I said, you should go for it.”

Leah frowned. “Go for what?”

Kiersten nodded over at where Brooks now leaned against the railing, drink in hand as he gazed out at the sparkling Mediterranean.

“What? You’re crazy.”

“Why? You’re on vacation, have a little fun.”

“I’m pregnant,” Leah said, lowering her voice, though no one was close enough to hear them.

“I know,” Kiersten said. “No reason to tell him that, though. You aren’t looking for a baby daddy. Just a nice little send-off before the craziness begins.”

Leah glanced back at Brooks. It was a crazy idea. But…maybe. She shook her head. “I can’t. Besides, he might not even be interested.”

“Oh, he’s interested.” Kiersten nodded over at him and Leah risked another look only to catch him staring at her with a soft smoldering smile that belonged on some Disney prince.

“Look,” Kiersten said. “I’d normally be the last one to advocate something like this, but I know you. You’ve done nothing but obey the rules your whole life and the one time you step out of line…”

“I get pregnant,” Leah finished for her. Yeah. She didn’t miss the unfairness in it all. She’d always done everything right. Heck, even the little fling that had gotten her in her current predicament had been done by the book. She’d met a guy at a party hosted by good friends. He’d been a stranger, but he was a good, upstanding man as far as she could tell. A businessman based overseas in the city for a meeting. Didn’t drink, at least in front of her. They’d gone into it both on the same page, and they’d used condoms. Several.

One hadn’t worked.

“Right,” Kiersten was saying. “But that’s my point. When you get home, you’ll be preparing for imminent parenthood and starting your new job at a private Catholic school of all places, so you’ll never be able to have a lick of fun again. You might as well seize the opportunity while you can.”

“Oh, ha ha,” Leah said, though Kiersten wasn’t all that wrong. Her employment came with a strict morality clause. Anxiety about what the school would do when they found out about her pregnancy kept her stomach in knots. They wouldn’t be happy, but she hoped since she hadn’t signed her employment agreement until after her one-night-stand-gone-wrong, there’d be some wiggle room. She’d come up with and rejected a dozen plans already. The thought of flat-out lying, saying she was a widow or had a husband who traveled, was a possibility, but not one that sat well with her. Her current plan involved doing the best damn job she could for the first few months, show them what an asset she could be. And then pray they’d be Christian enough to take pity on an unwed mother. There weren’t many other jobs out there that offered free lodging and a good salary and healthcare. Losing it would hurt. She wouldn’t be homeless. Kiersten wouldn’t ever allow that to happen. But she didn’t want to rely on her friend’s charity. She was going to make her own way in the world. Build a life for her and the baby.

Before she could respond further to Kiersten’s suggestion, a shadow fell over her. She glanced up right into the sky-blue eyes of the man in question.

Chapter Two

Brooks smiled down at Leah, loving the slight blush that stained her cheeks. She had that innocent, good-girl vibe emanating off her like a homing beacon. He didn’t know why that was such a turn-on. Maybe because it was different. He typically steered clear of the good girls; too many complications. And he had a strict policy of only getting involved with women who were as commitment-phobic as he was. It made life easier.

But he’d been watching Leah all morning and couldn’t get her out of his head. The yacht was crawling with people. A pre-christening party for his goddaughter. When Cole had mentioned they were bringing someone to help with the baby, Brooks had pictured some heavyset matriarch wielding diapers and wet wipes. Not this brown-eyed beauty that blinked up at him with a shy smile. How could he possibly resist that?

Besides, Kiersten was smiling, not glaring any warnings at him. That was a green light in his book.

“I don’t think we’ve met yet,” he said, extending a hand. “I’m Brooks Larson. Their second in command,” he said, nodding at Kiersten and Cole, who had come up behind her.

“Leah Andrews,” she said. “Their nanny for the weekend.”

He took her hand, holding it rather than shaking it. “It’s a very great pleasure to meet you,” he said, laying on the charm as thick as he dared.

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