The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby(2)

By: Kira Archer

Kiersten looked up at the sound of her husband laughing and waved at him. Cole blew her a kiss.

Brooks groaned. “Oh, God. You’ve got it bad, don’t you?”

“For my wife? Yes, yes I do.”

Brooks shook his head again. In all honesty, he didn’t blame Cole. Kiersten was a hell of a woman and there had been a brief, fleeting moment when Brooks could have imagined himself possibly trying for something other than his usual flings—before his friend had fallen head over heels in love with her, and she with him. Now, he was content to continue his eternally single ways. Most of the time.

He pushed away from the railing. “I can’t watch that anymore. Come on,” he said, towing his friend back toward the bar, “let’s get another drink.”

“Fine. But I mean it, Brooks. Leah is off-limits.”

Because telling a man that a gorgeous woman was off-limits was the one surefire way to make sure he stayed away, right? No flaw in that logic at all.

Leah Andrews stared down at the sweet baby sleeping in her arms and tried not to vomit.

The rolling waves of morning sickness that hit her without warning were not meshing well with the literal rolling waves of the ocean. Though if she was going to be sick, she could definitely think of worse places to be. Floating around on a private yacht certainly beat lying around on her bathroom floor. Although, the bathroom, at least, was private.

The fresh air on the deck helped. She took a deep, shaky breath and tilted her face up to the sun. The sleepy little bundle of adorableness on her lap squirmed and she glanced down to make sure all was well.

“She doing okay?” Kiersten asked.

Leah smiled at her. “Your baby is perfect.”

Kiersten smiled down at her offspring. “She is pretty perfect, isn’t she?”

Leah laughed and handed the baby back to her mother. Kiersten Harrington was one of the few high school friends with whom Leah kept in contact, and she was seriously the luckiest woman alive. First, she’d done the impossible and won the lottery. Then she’d won the relationship lottery and married her gorgeous, billionaire boss. But, really, if it had to happen to anyone, Kiersten was a good one for it to happen to. She was a genuinely nice person, someone Leah had always felt she could turn to. And she’d never needed her more than she did now.

“How are you feeling?” Kiersten asked her.

Leah took stock of her stomach before answering. “Okay, I think. I was kind of iffy there for a second, but it’s passed. I’d been feeling pretty great compared to the first couple months. Maybe the motion of the boat kick-started it again.”

Kiersten gave her an indulgent smile. “I remember those days.” She adjusted the baby in her arms. “You’re past twelve weeks now, aren’t you?”

Leah nodded, her hand cupping the tiny bump that was only just beginning to show. “Just barely.”

“I’m glad you could help us this week. It’s the first time I’ve been out of the house since Piper was born.”

“Happy to. I could use the practice,” she said with a wry smile.

“Have you heard from the father yet?”

Leah shook her head, keeping her gaze focused on the sea.

“Well…maybe he’ll still contact you,” Kiersten said, her voice bright with false hope.

“Maybe. Though as I told him, I’m fine if he doesn’t. I think I’d prefer it. I don’t know if he’s read the letter yet. I had to message him on Facebook. It’s a terrible way to tell someone they’re going to be a father, but it’s the only way I could get ahold of him. Didn’t really expect my one-night stand to turn out like this. We never exchanged numbers. If he doesn’t answer the message, I guess I can try asking people on his friends list. Though that would be awkward.”

Kiersten patted her hand. “Just don’t ever think you’re alone, okay? You need help for anything, call me.”

“I will,” she said, giving Kiersten a grateful smile.

A shout of laughter came from further up the deck and the girls stopped chatting to see what was going on.

Brooks Larson, best friend and business partner of Kiersten’s husband, sprinted up the deck with what looked like an octopus in his hands. A live, squirming octopus that he was using to chase two other men with. After he got a couple good squeals out of them, he dropped it back over the side.

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