The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby (Winning The Billionaire)(10)

By: Kira Archer

Finding him on Facebook had been a miracle, but he had everything on his profile set to private. She couldn’t see his friends list, any of his posts, nothing. All she could do was keep sending message requests and hope he answered one.

There were no messages from the other man either. Brooks. The goofball prince with more money than God, and more charm than anyone had the right to have, who had kissed her senseless and then disappeared from her life, which was for the best, she knew. The last thing she needed was another complication—and Brooks had complication written all over him.

Still, it was an ego blow to have him pursue her all over the Mediterranean only to drop her like a toad that had peed on his hand the second she gave in. She’d known kissing him was a mistake; she hadn’t been able to help herself. And for her, it had been amazing. Beyond amazing. It had been weeks and she still thought about it every damn day and dreamed about it most nights, too. Apparently, he hadn’t felt the same way. Maybe she’d had bad breath. Or that last kiss before she’d run off had been too forward. Or running off had given him the wrong impression, even though he’d known she had to go.

“Or maybe I’m way overthinking something that doesn’t matter,” she said, climbing out of the car before she could get derailed on any more trains of thought.

The campus was quiet this time of day, especially since school hadn’t yet begun for the year. She wasn’t too concerned about parking against the curb. It wouldn’t take her too long to unload and there weren’t many people around anyway. A parking lot sat a few feet away, but she had some boxes to haul and every foot closer she could get to her quarters, the better.

Three trips later and she wished she’d driven her damn car right up to her door. She dropped the boxes in her arms onto the counter of her small kitchen and took a second to breathe. Just a few more left. Though, unfortunately, they were the heavy ones. Mostly books, far too many books. She was cheerfully addicted to reading, but even she had to admit it made moving difficult, at least without a few strong men to haul the boxes around.

She took a deep breath and headed back out. The sooner she finished, the sooner she could plop down on the couch with a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and veg out to a chick flick or two.

Leah went back through the old corridor that led to the parking lot. She loved the architecture of this place. It made her feel like she lived in an old monastery or something. Though the building was nowhere near as old as those in Europe, the stone walls and landscaped courtyards still embodied the atmosphere of ancient beauty. What an incredible place to raise her baby.

If they let her keep her job.

The familiar thrum of panic rolled through her system. She couldn’t lose this job. She had nowhere to go, no money saved up aside from what Kiersten had insisted on paying her for her help that weekend. Which had been unnecessary and far too generous, but she had to admit, it eased a little of her stress to have something in the bank. She’d have to hope that the headmistress took pity on her. She was a good teacher. Maybe she could make herself so indispensable, her pregnancy wouldn’t matter.

She walked through the arched gate in the wall and stopped short. Brooks had pulled up behind her car and stood leaning against it, waiting for her.

“Hey!” he called, one of those heart-tripping smiles he excelled at spreading across his lips.

What the hell was he doing there? He’d kissed her silly and then totally disappeared from her life, and now he’d decided to show up, at her home and place of business, and she was supposed to what, swoon? Throw herself in his arms? Giggle and faint because he decided she was worthy of his attention after all?

Apparently, she’d been a little angrier over his silence than she’d realized, which made the whole thing a really bad idea. Scratch that. Having him there was like a bad idea on steroids. Her hands practically itched to trace the hard planes of his body. It had been weeks and she still couldn’t resist his pull. The man was like smooth whiskey, dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with coffee, and rolled in a fountain of sugar. All the unbelievably delicious things she craved and couldn’t have.

She ignored him and opened the rear door to gather the bags on the backseat. Maybe if she didn’t acknowledge his presence, he’d go away. She didn’t have time for the emotional and physical rodeo she’d been going through since the christening trip, not to mention the bucking bronco in her gut every time she was within fifty feet of the man.

She should have known ignoring him wouldn’t work. Brooks didn’t seem the type to take rejection. He was far too aware of his appeal for his own good.

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