The Billionaire's Secret Babies(6)

By: Penny Wylder

“Thank you, Mr. Anderson,” I reply, and startle when he shakes his head, hard.

His hand tightens on my shoulder. “Call me Cassius.”

“Cassius,” I repeat, and his name tastes delicious on my tongue. “I’m Manila.”

There’s that smile again. Not quite a full-on smile, more a teasing little smirk. Just half of his mouth, like it’s smiling against the permission of the other half. “Manila. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

For a long moment, we stare at one another, his gray eyes boring into mine. Then, without warning, he touches my shoulder again, his palm warm and reassuring before he lifts his hand away once more. Already I miss the warm pressure, the feeling of his palm through the thin fabric of my dressy work shirt. “I’ll leave you to it, Manila. Thank you again for taking this on.”

He’s gone without another word, and I’m alone in the room with the paperwork and my babies.

Lucie starts to fuss, and I slip her out of the stroller to bounce her on my knee while I wade into the first stack of papers in front of me. As long as I can keep my imagination just that – in my imagination – this job will be a piece of cake. Everything I could ask for.

I just have to avoid screwing it up by fantasizing too much about my sexy new boss…


I’m in a hot tub. Steam surrounds me, obscuring my view – that is, until I feel warm hands wrap around my waist from behind, and spin me slowly in the water. I turn to find Cassius behind me, his sexy, chiseled abs and chest on full display. I run my hands over his body, exploring every inch, until he cups my chin in his strong hand and pulls my face to his, claiming my mouth in a deep, slow kiss. I can feel his thighs under mine, his hips arcing up to meet mine, and his cock growing hard, pressed against my warm, wet pussy. Fuck, I want him so badly. I want him to tear off the thin swimsuit I’m wearing, thrust up into me and take control of my body.

He shakes my shoulder, his hand warm and familiar on my skin. I arch my back, lean into him, moaning slightly, thrusting against him as he shakes me again, harder…

“Manila,” he whispers, and I groan faintly.


I start awake, jolting upright at the desk. Papers fly everywhere as I sit up, and one sticks to my forehead. I jerk it free, gasping, startled and confused. Where am I?

The location materializes one piece at a time. The computer, in sleep mode in front of me. The stack of papers I’d made it halfway through. The pile now scattered across the floor.

And of course, the man standing beside me, visible out of the corner of my eye. My cheeks burn so hot I could start a forest fire.

I clear my throat. “Cassius,” I greet him, still blushing hardcore.

At least he’s smiling a little. And, to my surprise, he’s cradling Luca in the crook of his arm, feeding him a bottle of warm formula. Luca is sucking away happily, his eyes closed in pleasure, making little mmm-mmm noises that make my heart melt.

I blink at Cassius, still figuring out my surroundings. “Sorry,” I croak, my voice thick with sleep. “What time is it?”

“Almost eleven,” he whispers. I wonder why he’s whispering for a second, until he points with his eyes toward the baby stroller. I glance over my shoulder and see he’s turned the stroller into a makeshift crib. Lucie is already fast asleep in it, curled up, a smile on her face as she dreams. “Are you okay?”

How did he get her to fall asleep without Luca beside her? Normally it’s impossible for me to make one relax without the other one being within sight.

When I glance back at him, he’s smiling fondly at Lucie. God, this man knows the way to a new mommy’s heart.

“Yeah. Of course. Thanks for waking me,” I murmur. Then I stiffen, worried. Oh god. “Did you say eleven?” I blurt, grabbing for my cell phone. Crap.

“Yes. What’s wrong?” His brow furrows.

Oh shit. I got here at 6pm; I’d been planning to leave by 8 to catch the last bus out to my neighborhood in the suburbs. It’s such a long ride, and there are so few public buses that still run the route. Now it’s way too late – buses here stop running at 11pm, at least all the way out into my neighborhood.

“I’ve got to get a cab,” I mumble, hurrying to gather my things, stuffing baby items into my bag willy-nilly. “I missed my bus. Crap crap crap.”

He stops me with a gentle hand wrapped around my wrist. “Manila.”

I glance up at him panicked and wide-eyed. I’m so worried I don’t even notice how close we are, or how concerned and sympathetic the expression on his face is. “It’s going to cost a fortune at this hour, with the mark-ups, and the whole Uber being banned thing.” I’m babbling, I know it, but I can’t stop myself. Argh. This is the worst possible first impression I could make on my future boss!

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