The Billionaire's Secret Babies(31)

By: Penny Wylder

“Yes.” I reach up and slip the small white stick into his hand. “Daddy all over again,” I add.

His brow creases. He doesn’t seem to understand. He looks at me, at the stick in his hand, back at me. Then he sits up in bed, alert at once, and holds the stick up to the light.

When he looks at me again, his eyes are wide with wonder, excitement. “Is…” He pauses, his voice choked with emotion.

I’m tearing up too, I realize. Watching him realize this is one of the best moments of my life. One of the most rewarding things that has ever happened to me.

“Is this what I think it is?” he asks in a whisper.

All I can do is nod. My throat is too choked with joy to speak.

Next thing I know, his arms are around me, crushing me to his chest. We’re both crying, kissing, laughing, kissing again.

“How?” he keeps asking me, his eyes wide and wild, like a kid in a candy store. Unable to believe his luck. Our luck.

Our family is going to get one baby bigger.

Or who knows? Knowing our luck with the twins, maybe two.

I laugh and kiss him, hard, on the mouth. “Congratulations,” I whisper to him, and he strokes my hair, gazing at me in that way he has, like I’m the most precious, magical thing to ever happen to him.

“Thank you,” he whispers back. Then we’re kissing again, slower, more intent.

He lays back and pulls me on top of him again, straddling his waist. The whole while, we don’t stop kissing, lost in each other, our lips molded perfectly together.

We shove the sheet aside, and I trace his perfect body once more. That beautiful chest, sculpted abs, sexy V-line leading straight to his thick, juicy cock. I want to lick him, suck him off, but he has other ideas right now. He lifts my hips up, positions himself beneath me.

I’m wet as hell just from touching his naked body, seeing him so eager and hungry beneath me.

“I put a baby in you,” he murmurs, his voice still reverent, awed, as he runs his cock between my legs, up and down my slit, from my ass up to my clit and back, slowly. “I can’t wait to watch your belly swell with our baby.”

“I’m yours, Cassius.” I kiss his neck, his earlobe, his scratchy jawline, his lips. His tongue slides into my mouth, exploring, and I groan faintly into his mouth.

He draws away just far enough to smile up at me, eyes dark with lust once more. “And I’m yours,” he assures me, as he positions his cock under me, and slides inside me, holding my hips up over him.

I ride him, slowly at first, pulling my body up and down, feeling his cock spread my pussy wide. Thinking about how he fucked me pregnant, how amazing it will feel to swell with his seed. He tightens his grip on my hips, almost painful, guiding me as I ride him. Controlling the speed, bucking his hips under me faster and faster until he’s fucking me from below, driving into me as I lean over him.

His thumb circles my clit, zeroes in on that sweet spot as a familiar wave of heat rushes over my body. I lean back, giving him better access, feeling his cock graze the front wall of my pussy, right over my G-spot. His thumb keeps working my clit, his cock pumping inside me, and my whole body tenses.

“Fuck, Cassius, I’m going to come,” I gasp.

“That’s right.” He watches me, savoring it. “Come on my cock, you dirty girl. Come for Daddy.”

My head falls back as I groan aloud. The groan turns into a loud cry as he keeps fucking me, never letting up on my clit.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” I hear myself saying, hardly aware of my mouth moving, as the wash of ecstasy hits me. All I can feel is Cassius, his hard body under me, his hand on my pussy, his other hand gripping my ass. I smell the hot scent of sex in the air, taste his mouth on my lips. It doesn’t take long before he’s coming too, growling in that way he has that always sets a fire in my belly, low and animalistic.

He thrusts up into me as he comes, and I feel his hot, sticky cum inside me, my pussy clenching hard around his shaft, loving the sensation, the feeling that led to this whole wonderful life we have.

He gave me my babies. Now he’s given me another, and the perfect man to share it with.

I collapse in his arms, both of us spent, wrapped around one another in sweat-soaked joy.

I couldn’t ask for anything more in the world than this.


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