The Billionaire's Kitten(9)

By: Cassandra Dee

I swallowed thickly, meeting those blue eyes. But there was no mercy, the alpha knew what he wanted and stared right back, capturing my gaze.

“The choice is yours,” he rumbled.

I flushed again, boobs vibrating. Because again, there were no options. With so much money on the table, I could buy my freedom for a semester, pay my tuition in full, but god knows what would happen after that.

A thrill ran through my soul, making me start. Because deep inside, I wanted to, I wanted to let go and experiment. Despite his reputation as an asshole who fucked women over, Grayson Channing was as good-looking as sin. That big body was huge, looming and muscled, perfectly symmetrical. As I watched, his nostrils flared slightly and suddenly I realized that he was attracted to me too. Sure, he wasn’t busting out yet, that cock was still in his pants, but this alpha was drawn to me on a much more basic level. He liked my curves, they were sassy and sexy to him, and that’s what pushed me over the edge. All my doubts evaporated because I wanted to feel sexy and desirable. I wanted to dance, and the money was just a cherry on top.

So I took a deep breath.

“I’ll do it,” I murmured, boobs rising and falling softly. “But don’t you want some music?”

He shook his head.

“Naw, I’m sure you have the music inside of you. Or just dance to the music from the club,” he rumbled.

That was true, I could hear the thump of the drumbeat through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

“Okay,” I nodded. “But can’t those folks see me below? Should I pull the curtains or something?”

Grayson smiled wolfishly. He flicked his wrist, and suddenly the windows went dark, leaving just the two of us in the privacy of the room.

“They couldn’t see you to begin with,” he rasped. “These are one-way glass windows. But you better start baby girl, because I’m not waiting.”

I was stock still for a moment. That deep voice was commanding, making me tremble, making me melt at the very sound. And slowly swaying my hips, our eye contact electric, I began to dance.

Oh god, this was so wrong. I’m usually a wallflower, the girl leftover in the corner, drinking punch by herself. So I’m not at good at moving to the music, it’s not like I have a ton of practice or know what I’m doing.

But somehow with Grayson, it didn’t matter. Somehow all that mattered was that this man’s eyes were on me, that he found me desirable, and that we’d entered into a transaction that titillated. I wanted to be sexy, I wanted him to want me, and slowly, I moaned.

“Mmmm,” came the soft mewl. “Mmm.”

The alpha’s blue eyes were glued to my curves.

“Keep going,” he growled. “Keep going, baby girl.”

I shimmed to the left, then went to the right, twirling my hips sensuously. Was this the way to do it? A momentary shaft of panic coursed through my body. Maybe he didn’t like it, maybe I really was the fat girl acting like a clown. Maybe I was going to be humiliated later on, same as always.

But the big man merely looked at me hungrily, devouring my curves with those eyes.

“Keep going,” he rumbled. “Keep going.”

And my courage surged back then, flooding me with confidence. Oh yeah, the alpha wanted it. This billionaire, who could get any woman he wanted, was currently in the room with me, male body rock hard with anticipation.

I smiled at him sweetly.

“Good,” I murmured. “Because you’re gonna get it big boy.”

And with that, I let my internal rhythm take over. Closing my eyes, I began swaying, working my shoulders, taking small steps. Slowly, I ran my hands up and down over my body sensuously, cupping my breasts, stroking my hips.

“Mmm,” I purred. “Mmmm.”

But I wasn’t done yet. My palms rose until they squeezed my tits, those huge pendulous Double Ds, and I stroked the flesh sensuously.

“Daddy want to see?” I purred again. “Daddy want?”

The answer was instantaneous.

“Fuck yeah,” Grayson rumbled. “Fuck yeah, give me a look.”

Giggling a little, I pulled down on my décolletage, letting my right boob spill out. Holy shit, was I really doing this? Was I really taking off my clothes in front of a man, dancing seductively for him? Was I really here with Grayson Channing, King of the Strip, baring my boobies for him to see?

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