The Billionaire's Kitten(60)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Umph,” he grunted hoarsely, head dropping between those massive shoulders. “Ummph, ummph.”

Oh god, this was so fucking wrong. I was wearing a strap-on, in bed with the man of my dreams. And he was letting me fuck his ass with the toy, breaching that tiny, private space.

But this is us. Gray and I are on the same wavelength, and again, our relationship has matured so that we take turns being the leader. And in this particular instance, I’m the spearhead. I’m the one who’s in charge, paving the way, showing him a good time.

So leaning forward, I stroked one small hand up that broad back.

“It’s gonna be okay, Daddy-O,” I mewled coyly. “Let your ass relax and baby will take over.”

Fuck, it was so arousing to see the billionaire huge and powerful, crouched over as I owned his tight pleats. But yeah, it was happening and with a deep inhale, Gray relaxed.

“Do it,” he ground out, still commanding. “Do it.”

And with that, I pushed my hips forward, the giant toy shaft sliding into Daddy’s butt all the way. It was fucking obscene, his tight anal ring gripping the pink plastic toy, so stretched and pummeled, the big man panting from strain.

“Unnnh,” he breathed heavily, big body jerking involuntarily. “Unnh, fuck.”

“Oh god,” I giggled. “Daddy you’re so good at it, it went in on one stroke. Daddy you’re so good.”

And Gray grunted then.

“You know it baby girl, you know it. Fuck that ass good, do it sweet thing,” he ground out.

I giggled again, stroking that massive bronze body, savoring the feel of heavy muscle.

“Will do,” I mewled. “Just like you ordered, Mr. Channing.”

And going to town, I drilled my man’s tiny asshole, making the alpha grunt and come like a hurricane.

So yeah, I started out as a lowly cocktail waitress at the Milano, a Cinderella with nothing to her name. There were no evil stepsisters, and no evil stepmother because in fact, my mother in law is a dream. Rhonda has been kind and then some because she, more than anyone else, knows what Gray is like. Her son is amazing, confident and assured, with a wild side that drives me nuts.

And yes, Grayson Channing is my Prince Charming. The billionaire alpha has made it possible for me to continue going to school, to get an internship at the Milano, and to finish my studies in Hotel Management. It helps to be married to the CEO of a hotel, and I’ve been lucky that way. But even more, I’ve been lucky to meet my match, a man so domineering, confident and assured, that he’s able to hand me the reins on occasion. He’s able to let the woman in his life take the steering wheel, and today, that happened.

“FUUUUCK!” Gray roared, eyes flying open as I banged him again in the butt, big dick jerking. “Fuck fuck fuck!”

I cooed once more.

“Don’t worry Daddy, your kitten’s got it covered,” came my purr.

And of course, I meant every word of it. Because we’re a pair, we take care of each other, and there’s no other way to live life. Grayson Channing is mine, and I’m his … in all ways, together and forever, until death do us part.


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