The Billionaire's Kitten(10)

By: Cassandra Dee

But the answer was a resounding yes. Because I wanted it. The way his eyes were glued to my tits felt good, the way his mouth literally dropped open with hunger. My pink crest was hard, stiff and aching, and I plucked at it teasingly.

“Daddy like?” I cooed. “Daddy like?”

The big man’s only answer was to swallow thickly.

“Fuck,” came his grunt. “Fuck fuck fuck.”

I squeezed and massaged my breast even more, leaning forward so it dangled appetizingly.

“Oh look,” I giggled once more. “My tit’s moving in time to the music.”

And it was true. My big boobs were swinging to the left, and then to the right, like they could hear the sensuous samba playing outside.

But I wasn’t done yet because with a quick flick of my wrist, I popped my other breast out, this time both gazongas hanging pendulously.

“Mmm,” I purred. “Look Daddy, look how stiff I am for you.”

And rolling my nipples between my fingers, I demonstrated, corkscrewing off the tips with audible pops.

“Oooh! So hard, just for you.”

By now, Grayson had his dick out. Oh yeah, he’d pulled his stiffie free and it waved in the air, beckoning to me. I danced over, pausing before him while taking a deep breath, eyes wide. Because holy smokes, that pole was huge. I’ve only seen male cock on my laptop screen, but Grayson had a rod that was like a porn star. Ten inches with the tip glistening wet, it quivered in the air, pointing straight at me.

“Daddy,” I murmured. “Is that really …?”

“It is,” he rasped. “It’s all for kitten.”

I cooed again.

“But I’m not sure,” I whispered. “This is just supposed to be dancing.”

He muttered thickly.

“You’ll be dancing,” he replied. “Dancing on my dick that is.”

And with that, all my defenses caved. Because yeah, I was acting like a ho. I was getting paid to have sex with this man, this incredibly attractive, powerful man, and it should have left me cold. It should have left me shuddering in my shoes, trading my pussy for cash.

But instead, I wanted it. I’m a wallflower, a curvy girl who’s a virgin still, and I wanted to feel his pole deep inside, to have it breach my innermost parts. I wanted to feel a man in me solid and hard, owning my female form. So taking a deep breath, I met his eyes again.

“Are you sure, big boy?” I murmured. “Maybe I’m more than you can handle.”

“Oh fuck yeah, I’m sure,” he ground out, eyes glued to my curves, that fuckrod literally shaking with lust, desperate to be in me. “Fuck yeah.”

And with that, he grabbed my curvy form, pulling my ass onto his lap. Relaxing for a moment, I sighed because it felt so good to be there. Grayson is at least twice my size, and sitting on his lap made me feel positively tiny by comparison. I cooed for a moment, leaning against the hard wall of his chest, those strong arms holding me close.

“Oh,” came my tiny murmur. “Oh.”

But this was an aroused male, hard, hot and hungry, and there was no way to deny the hard flesh that pressed into my butt from behind. Was that huge iron rod really his dick? Oh yeah, it had to be. So I wiggled a little, cooing again.

“What next Daddy? What comes next?”

Grayson didn’t answer. Instead, a big hand trailed down my thigh, sampling the creamy flesh there.

“Shit, this is exactly how I like it,” he rasped. “There’s so much of you, it’s fucking beautiful.”

And heat coursed through my veins. Because yeah, my legs are thick and heavy, and this was the first time I’d heard a man compliment them. It only made my pussy moisten, practically dripping now. I mewled again, leaning back.

“Here Daddy,” I whispered. “Touch me here.”

And like a slut, I took that big hand in mine, guiding his hand so that it traced my knee. Oh yeah, one inch, then two inches, he came closer and closer to my pussy until the steam hit his hand, cunt emanating hot wetness.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, throwing my head back so that it lolled on his broad shoulder. “Mmmm.”

But Grayson didn’t need guidance now. Slowly, that big hand moved upwards on its own until with the lightest of touches, he grazed my sweetly steaming folds.

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