Taming Damian(8)

By: Jessica Wood

My body tightened at this last thought. I pulled my hand away and looked away from her as a sharp ache radiated from my chest and the image of the text message flashed before my eyes. I was no longer so sure she had that same love for me that she had for her parents.

She doesn’t really love you, man. I felt conflicting thoughts swirl around in my head as I tried to reconcile between my feelings for this woman and her betrayal. You know she’s lied to your face and betrayed you. Don’t fucking give in to her again!

“Hey, you okay?” Alexis’s voice broke through my thoughts.

“Uh. Yeah. Why do you ask?”

“Your body started to tense up just now.” She cocked her head and frowned at me.

“Oh.” She was right. It wasn’t until then that I realized that my hands were curled up into tight fists. “Yeah, I’m okay. Just need to wake up,” I lied. “Hey, I’m going to jump into the shower before we head out. Join me.” I got out of bed and headed toward the bathroom.

“In a minute, babe. I’ll be there soon. I just want to lie here for a few more minutes.”

I looked back at Alexis and watched her stretch in the bed, her naked body intertwining with the sheets. My cock twitched and I knew I couldn’t fight it. I was turned on.

I strode back to the bed and hopped on top her before she knew I was there.

She giggled in surprised. “The shower is over there!” She pointed her finger behind me as she tried to break out of my grasp.

“I’m in no rush.” I grabbed her hands and held them over her head in a viselike grip. My eyes gave her a once-over as I took in her naked body. Her sun-kissed skin from the days on the beach contrasted with her smooth ivory skin in the areas of her body only I’d seen and touched this week. My other hand slowly grazed down her skin, moving from her collarbone to the curves of her delicious breasts to her abdomen.

She burst out in laughter when I grabbed her waist. “That tickles!”

That was not the response I wanted to hear. “I can fix that real quick.” My lips curled into a wicked smile. She gasped in pleasure as I inserted my index and middle fingers inside her wetness. “Looks like someone’s already ready for me,” I groaned as her silky, warm pussy tightened around my fingers, sending sparks of electricity shooting through my body and down toward my hard cock.

She squirmed and arched her hips against my fingers, begging me to go deeper inside the wet warmth of her pussy. I snickered at her need for me. This is more like it. She quivered in my hand as I slid my fingers in and out of her a few times before removing them.

“Not yet,” she whimpered.

“I love when you beg.” I gave her a satisfied smile. I watched her writhe below me as she tried to grind her pussy up against my hand. I put my fingers in my mouth, tasting her dewy sweetness. “Fuck, you’re delicious.” And as much as I hated myself to admit it, I meant it. She tasted like honey, and it drove me wild and horny when I tasted her. Since I’d met her, that was the one thing I couldn’t seem to get enough of.

“Stop making me beg, you asshole,” she pouted.

I chuckled. “Oh come on. You love this.”

I smirked and lowered my hand between her legs. Her hands tightened around the bed sheets as I circled my thumb around her clit, and I watched with glee as she writhed before me.

“This is how amazing you taste.” I lowered myself on top of her and kissed her deeply, allowing her to taste herself off my tongue.

She sighed as her mouth eagerly accepted mine. I knew she wanted more. I knew she thought I was about to fuck her brains out. And that was exactly what I wasn’t going to do. I wanted to tease her. I wanted her to beg for more. And more than anything, I wanted her to know who held the cards in this relationship.

Without warning, with her hands still secured above her head, I held down her hips with my free hand and drove my entire length into her.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so tight!” I groaned when I felt her clench around me as I pulled out of her. I wanted more than anything to continue to move inside her, but I forced myself to stop.

I am in control, not her.

“Okay, I’m going in the shower. I just wanted to give you a taste of what you’ll get when you join me.” I got up from the bed and walked toward the bathroom. I knew she was staring after me in surprise.

“You fucking tease! I hate you so much right now!” she cried after me.

I laughed. “Well you can show me how much you hate me in the shower,” I challenged. “I love angry fucking.”

“Okay, you just wait! I’ll be right there.”

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