Taming Damian(7)

By: Jessica Wood

“Say what?” I asked between my moans. I wasn’t sure why, but I was excited by the violence in his behavior tonight.

“Say I own you.” His hoarse voice turned into another groan as he drove into me again.

“Oh oh oh!” I gasped as pleasure and pain consumed me and I felt him deep inside me. “You own me!” I shrieked as my brain shut down and all I could focus on was the exquisite feeling of him pounding into me.

“Fuck, I’m about to come, baby!” he groaned as his thrusts became deeper and more irregular.

“Me too!”

We moved in sync with each other and I felt myself tighten my hold around his cock as I neared the edge of my orgasm. He roared as he threw his head back, and I felt his body spasm as him reached the peak of his climax. He drove inside me one last time, and I gasped as he pushed me off the cliff of my ecstasy.

We collapsed into each other’s arms, and for several minutes, the only noise between us was the sound of our rapid heartbeats and our heavy breathing.

After some time, Damian straightened up and pulled on his pants. “Come on. Let’s go, baby.” He pulled the dress up on my body and zipped it up.

“Where are we going?” The answer didn’t really matter to me, because I knew that I was in too deep and I’d go anywhere this man wanted to take me.

“The night is still young and I want to fuck you a few more times before I’m letting you sleep.” He pulled me out of the stall and led me out the bathroom door.

I giggled as I followed him up to our hotel suite. There was something exciting and dark in his voice. It was something I hadn’t seen before with Damian. It scared me, yet it excited me even more.

That night, we didn’t end up sleeping at all.



A kiss on my face woke me up. “Good morning, sleepyhead. It’s our last full day in Italy before we head back to SF.”

I heard Alexis throw open the curtains to the French doors that led out to the vineyard that was behind the small villa in Tuscany we had been staying in for the last two days.

I groaned as a ray of morning light hit my face from the window. “Damn, I can’t believe it’s already our last day. This week really flew by.” I opened my eyes and turned to face Alexis, who was beaming over me. How is she always so cheerful in the morning? “It’s too early to be this happy.”

She giggled and playfully nudged me. “Oh wake up, silly. It’s never too early to be happy.”

“Speak for yourself.” I rolled to my side, turning my back to her. I’d never been a morning person, especially after the late-night workout session we’d had the night before. My cock was still a little sore. “Why are you always so happy when we wake up?” I mumbled as I closed my eyes and tried to drift back to sleep.

“Hmm, you know what? I actually never really realized that I came off that way. But I guess you’re right. I think it has to do with something my dad use to tell me when I was growing up.”

“Oh?” I opened my eyes and turned around to face her. As much as I wanted to hate this woman, I knew her love for her deceased parents was the most genuine thing about her. “What did he tell you?” I fought back a yawn as I sat up against the headboard.

“Well, when I was a kid, some days I’d wake up in tears from a bad dream, and some days I just simply didn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings. And on those mornings, I’d pout and cry when my dad tried to get me out of bed.”

I laughed. “You were such a brat.”

Alexis laughed. “I was.” I watched her smile as she thought back to those old memories. “My dad wouldn’t yell at me or force me out of bed. Instead, he would always just say to me, ‘Cheer up, buttercup. Today’s a fresh new day! You never know what’s just waiting for you around the corner because with every new day comes new possibilities. So why not start your day happy with a smile on your face?” I saw her eyes glisten as she blinked back the tears. “So he taught me to always wake up in the mornings with a fresh new outlook on the day and think about all the great possibilities that will come my way if I start my day with a smile. And now that he’s not around to tell me that anymore, I guess I often start my day with his words in mind.”

I reached over and squeezed her hand. “Cheer up, buttercup. It is a new day, and our last one here in Italy. So let’s enjoy it.”

She beamed at me and wiped a tear from her eye. “Thank you. I really miss them.”

“I know.” I loved hearing the way she talked about her parents. The love she had for them was infectious. I saw it in the way her voice changed when she reminisced about them, the way her eyes twinkled, and the way her pink lips curled into the warmest smile. It was the type of love I’d never experienced before, and it wasn’t until I’d met Alexis that I’d realized that it was the type of love I’d hungered for—the endearing love that seemed to live on forever. This was the type of love I’d thought this beautiful woman was beginning to develop for me.

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