Taming Damian(6)

By: Jessica Wood

“Remember this,” he roared into my ear, his voice deep and ragged. “Remember how amazing I am inside you. Fucking remember this!”

“Yes! Yes! I—I’ll remember!” I cried out as my hands moved with madness through his hair.

He grunted as he drove into me, deeper, faster, and more forceful with each thrust. I gasped and moaned as my breasts shook violently against his chest.

“Fuck, I love how your breasts bounce for me.” He licked his lips as his eyes glazed over in pleasure.

“I’m so close, baby!” I felt my body tighten as I reached the apex of my orgasm.

“Not yet,” he demanded. “Not until I tell you you can come.” He slowed his thrusts and began to suck on my breast.

“Please…now!” I wanted—no, I needed—him to take me over the edge before I died from the intensity of the pleasure.

But before I could beg him to fuck my brains out, I heard the approaching sound of stilettos against the marble floor. Shit! Someone’s coming!

“Oh no! Someone’s coming in!” I hissed at him. I tried to get off the counter, but Damian stopped me.

“Don’t move.”

“But—” I began.

“I’m not done fucking you yet.” He covered my mouth with one hand and plunged into me again.

I gasped silently into his hand as ripples of pleasure cascaded down me.

“Wrap your legs around me now.”

I obeyed as I watched him kick the pile of clothes underneath the last stall. With his hardness still inside me, he lifted me into the last stall and closed the door behind us just as we heard the bathroom door open.

“Emma looks gorgeous tonight,” a girl said.

“I know. I love her dress. Hey, do you think this red is too red on my lips?”

“No, that’s hot. I wish I could pull off that color.”

“You probably can. Here, try it.”

I stared at Damian with wide eyes as he held me up against the bathroom wall.

“Don’t make a sound,” he whispered into my ear as he began to pound into me again.

I bit my lower lip as hard as I could to hold back my gasps and moans.

“You think Brandon has any single, hot guy friends here?” asked the second girl.

Damian pulled out of me and gave me a sinful smile before he whispered in my ear, “I own you, Alex, and if I don’t want you to come yet, you’re not going to come. Do you understand me?”

A soft whimper escaped my lips as I nodded, and I wondered if the girls had heard me.

“I saw some hot men tonight, but I think they’re all taken,” we heard the first girl reply.

“Oh yeah, did you see that one guy?” asked the second girl.

“You mean Emma’s hot bartender friend? Damn, he’s so freaking hot,” said the first girl. “I’d fuck him tonight if I bumped into him.”

I looked at Damian, who had a smirk on his face. We both knew that the girls were talking about him. And as if fueled by the girl’s words, Damian grabbed my right breast and took it into his mouth, his tongue flicking my nipple until it hardened between his lips. His other hand drifted lower down my body, and I held back a gasp as his fingers reached my wetness.

“Yeah, I’d do whatever he wanted with me in bed,” the second girl agreed.

I closed my eyes as an exquisite, delicious thrill slid down my body, and I felt my feet curl at the intensity of the pleasure. The rest of the conversation between the two girls faded into the background as I felt my insides melt when his fingers moved deeper inside me. My body began to tremble as his thumb strummed against my clitoris, and within seconds, I felt my body convulse as I approached my climax.

“I said not yet.” Damian’s threatening voice wormed its way into my consciousness. Suddenly, his fingers were no longer between my thighs but were in my mouth as I tasted myself from his fingers. “Let me taste your honey from your mouth, baby. Suck it all off.” His lips then found mine as his tongue explored me. “As sweet as ever,” he groaned when our lips parted.

“Did you hear that?” one girl asked.

Without warning, Damian entered me again, and it took all I had to hold back my cry of delirious pleasure.

“Hear what?” the other girl asked her friend. “I don’t hear anything. Come on. Let’s go find some hot single men before someone else scoops them up. Maybe we’ll even bump into that hot bartender for you to fuck.”

Damian pounded into me again when we heard the girls’ giggles fade away as they walked out of the bathroom.

He lowered his lips against my ear and whispered, “Like I said, I own you, Alexis.” He drove into me hard and rough. “I want to hear you fucking say it!”

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