Taming Damian(5)

By: Jessica Wood

My hands pushed his shirt off him to reveal his muscular upper body. My eyes devoured his chiseled, copper-toned chest, his intricate tattoo that ran alongside his arm, and his piercing blue eyes that always seemed to leave me weak in the knees.

I gasped as his hard chest brushed against the tips of my nipples, sending a ripple of indescribable sensations through my body. I flirtatiously licked and nibbled on his earlobe, knowing how turned on that always made him. His hands tightened around me as he let out a primal groan in response. I smiled to myself in satisfaction.

“You drive me crazy, baby. I know you love to be in control, but not this time.” He met my gaze and licked his lips. There was a crazed frenzy in his blue eyes that sent a chill down my spine. “Not tonight. Tonight, I’m in control, and I’m going to drive you crazy.” A crooked smiled twisted on his lips as he went down on his knees in front of me. His devious smile disappeared between my legs, and all I could see was his brilliant blue eyes watching me intently from below.

I gasped and arched my back against the marble counter as I felt the combination of the cool bathroom air and his hot, heavy breath against my pussy. “Oh God. Please!” An almost painful surge of hunger flooded through me and I felt myself swell below in anticipation.

He looked up at me as he inched his face deeper in between my legs, toward the growing wetness that was collecting between my legs. He inhaled my scent deeply, and I saw the blue in his eyes grow dark and wild like the tumultuous ocean waves right before a storm.

“Show me how much you want this, baby.” His voice was hoarse and demanding, and the lava heat of his breath against my pussy pushed me over the edge.

“I want this!” I gasped for air as I shifted myself closer to him. “I need this!” I wasn’t sure what had come over me, and I couldn’t completely understand Damian’s behavior. But at this moment, I didn’t care, because whatever it was, it had sent me in a frenzy as I felt my entire body grow hot with need. My body tingled with anticipation from knowing that his tongue was just inches away from me.

“Baby, you’re so wet already.” His eyes were wide as I saw him inhale me again, and I saw the same need I felt on his face. “Who am I to deny what you want or need?”

Before I could respond, he grabbed my hips, lowered his face toward me, and began to explore the depths between my inner thighs with his mouth and tongue. I moaned and arched my hips toward his face as his tongue rapidly flicked against my clitoris. My moans turned into gasps as his hungry mouth began to suck me, knowing exactly how to push my button and take me close to the edge of my climax. I screamed in pleasure as his mouth moved lower to my pussy and his tongue began to circle the epicenter of my pleasure, sending jolts of pleasure shooting through my body.

“Oh God!” I heard myself scream as his tongue plunged inside me. “I’m about to come!” I cried as I threw my head back and gripped the marble counter for dear life.

Right before I reached my climax, Damian emerged from between my legs, his face glistening with my wetness.

I frowned at him. “Don’t stop now.”

He ignored me and gently kissed me along my inner thigh, moving away from my pussy. He looked at me and smiled, his eyes filled with intent. “Oh no, that’d be too easy on you.”

I squirmed at his words and let out a whimpering sob. “Please! I’m dying here.”

“Baby, you taste as sweet as honey and I can’t seem to get enough of it no matter what my mood is.” He paused, and I wondered what he meant by that. “But I want to fuck you. I want to feel you come around my cock.”

His words sent a surge of intense pleasure down below, and another wave of moisture developed between my legs at knowing what promises lay next.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the counter as he dropped his pants to the floor, where they joined the growing pile of clothes. I inhaled deeply as I felt the tip of his erection rub up against my opening.

“I need you inside me now,” I demanded, my impatience building as he rubbed up against me but did not enter me.

“You still on the pill?”

For a brief second, I froze at his question. “Yes, of course,” I responded as soon as I recovered. It was true. I was still on the pill. But I knew that would change if the pregnancy test turned out positive.

“Good.” His word came out cold and emotionless. But before I could wonder what that had meant, I screamed out in pleasure as he plunged the entire length of his cock inside me.

“God! Damian!” I wrapped my legs tightly around him as he pounded into me.

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