Taming Damian

By: Jessica Wood
The Heartbreaker Series - Book Two

“It is not length of life, but depth of life.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



I had told her that I loved her, and I had meant every single word of it. I never would have said those words if I hadn’t been serious. In fact, I had never spoken those vile words before to any other woman. And yet, tonight, I had to her.

Well, that had been a big fucking mistake—the biggest fucking mistake of my life.

I took one last glance at the text on her phone from a guy called Chris.

Hey hun. Did you get the results yet? You know I’ll support you no matter what.

As I watched the text message disappear from the screen, I felt my jaw tighten as a wrath of emotions whirled around inside me: rage, pain, betrayal. Could this Chris be the ex-boyfriend she’s mentioned to me before—the one who broke her heart and caused her to move from Iowa to California? If it was the same Chris, then something must have happened between them the month Alexis and I were apart. They must have reconnected again.

My eyes landed on the glass of water in front of Alexis’s chair. It wasn’t until then that I realized that she hadn’t had a glass of alcohol throughout the entire wedding ceremony, not even a Sex on the Beach, her favorite.

Could she be pregnant with his child?

That was the only logical explanation I could think of as to why Alexis hadn’t mentioned anything about any “results” to me and why she was secretly communicating with another guy she’d never mentioned to me before. In fact, the only guy she’d ever even mentioned to me in passing was her ex-boyfriend, a guy named Chris.

A storm of fury ignited inside me as I imagined this Chris fucking the woman I loved—no, the woman I had loved. I felt something inside me shift, as if I were systematically closing off my feelings for her, and in its place was a growing hatred for her.

I thought she was different, someone who was making me into a better person—a version of myself I’d never thought I could be. I thought she was my game changer, the one who would actually tame the infamous Damian Castillo every women pined after.

But I was wrong.

She had crept her way into my life, seeped through the walls I’d put up against women, and consumed my every thought like a stain that wouldn’t come off. I had given everything I had to her. I’d even given her things I never thought I had in me to give. I had unequivocally and completely lost myself to her. But the minute she had me within her grasp, she destroyed me.

I wasn’t sure how I’d let myself become so blinded by her, and I wasn’t sure how I’d allowed myself to so easily develop feelings for this girl. But I was sure of one thing: Alexis was nothing like who I had thought she was and she was everything like who my mother was—the cold-hearted whore who’d left me to forever wonder who my real father was. My mother had ruined the memories of my adolescence, and now, I had allowed Alexis to ruin my present.

I felt the molten lava of rage consume every inch of my body and take over my every thought. Gripped by this fury, I reached for her phone and pulled the text back up again. I wanted to delete it—to get rid of the existence of the words that had just ruined my night. But as my thumb hovered over the delete button, I hesitated. This text wasn’t what had ruined my night. Alexis was. How could the first woman I had allowed myself to love since my bitch of a mother have betrayed me like this? She hadn’t just ruined my night—she’d ruined me.

She’d ruined me.

I decided not to delete the text and dropped her phone back into her bag. I wanted to see Alexis’s reaction when she read it later. I wanted to catch her in her lies. I stood up quickly, the fire inside fueling a new sense of determination. I grabbed my glass of scotch, gulped it down, and slammed the empty glass back on the table.

I was Damian Castillo, and I had vowed a long time ago that I would never again let a woman destroy my life. No, I wouldn’t bow out and give Alexis the satisfaction of knowing that she had gotten to me. No, I wouldn’t let her get away with it. I would make her pay for her betrayal, and I would enjoy it.



I studied the stunning brunette staring back at me in a royal blue lace gown. My hands gently moved down the dress as I stared at myself in the reflection. It had been a whirlwind of a day, and I still couldn’t believe it was less than twenty-four hours ago that I’d been in San Francisco with no idea that I’d be all the way on the other side of the world hours later.

It was just yesterday that I’d thought we were going to spend the weekend camping somewhere close to San Francisco. When I’d arrived home from work to pack for our camping trip, Damian had surprised me with the gorgeous gown I was now wearing and told me that he had a special date planned for us. The next thing I knew, we were on a private jet a few hours later, heading to a secret location for this special date. It wasn’t until we arrived at our location that he told me we were in Italy for his friend’s wedding and that he had planned a weeklong trip in Italy for us after the wedding.

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