Take Me if You Dare (Entangled Brazen)(51)

By: Nina Crespo

“Running away again, leaving that tacky note, driving around Florida half naked—take your pick,” he growled out.

They reached the bedroom, and he lowered her onto the bed. As she lay across the mattress, she skimmed her hands between her thighs and over the triangles barely covering her breasts.

More blood rushed from his head, and Ethan pulled off his clothes in record time.

When he lay down beside her on the bed, she reached for his cock, and her touch made him lift up from the bed. He was hard and aching with the need for release, for the ease only she could provide him. Sweet agony built up inside him with the stroke of her fingers, pumping slowly at first, and then harder and faster with each rise and fall of her hand. She leaned over, torturing him with kisses and soft bites to his neck and chest. Her lips closed over his nipple and his balls tightened. As she continued downward and traced her tongue along his abdomen, his cock pulsed and leaped in anticipation.

But as much as he wanted her warm mouth wrapped around him, burying himself inside her called to him even more. He pushed himself up and rolled Jasmine under him.

As he crushed his mouth to hers, too many hours believing he might not see her again fueled his kiss. He moved his hand to the front clasp of her bra, his whole body shaking as he fought to slow down, but Jasmine’s moans spurred him on. He tugged impatiently on the front clasp of her bra, and his fingers tore into the fragile lace, but she didn’t seem to care. She kissed him harder, sucking his tongue into her mouth, and ground her hips up against him.

Once he freed her breasts, he trailed kisses down her neck and pulled her nipple into his mouth. He pressed his length against the barrier that kept him just short of paradise.

“Condom,” she panted out, rising up her hips to give him access to the packages still tucked in the back of her G-string.

He tore one of the packages open, took out the condom, and tossed the remaining one aside. He rolled it on and turned to Jasmine. Her eyes met his, soft and slumberous with desire, as she took his hand and guided it to the bow at her hips. He tugged the end of the ribbon and it slid apart. Reaching for the other side, he did the same and slowly peeled away the sheer lace triangle revealing a sight that made his heart beat so hard it echoed in his ears.

As he glided his palm over the thin strip of hair covering her sex, Jasmine’s belly quivered with uneven breaths. Mesmerized, he slid one finger, then two, into her silky heat and grazed her clit with his thumb. He continued stroking inside her until she cried out her orgasm, eyes closed, her small hands fisting tighter and tighter into the comforter as dewy wetness bathed his hand.

She was sweet and generous, and seeing her come apart in front of him heightened his need to be inside her, loving her. He stretched his body over hers and let her guide him home. His brain went numb for a second with the feel of her silky channel surrounding him. She moved underneath him, and he grasped her hips, setting the pace at a pounding rhythm that she matched with each quick rise and fall of her hips.

Thighs gripping around his waist, she clung to him in the midst of another orgasm. Her nails raked his skin; her high heels spurred him low on his back, her pussy clenched around him like a vise. Ethan willingly endured all of it in exchange for the sweet pleasure mounting up inside him until his release blinded him with sensations that stole the breath from his lungs.

The rush subsided, and he collapsed down but saved her from taking most of his weight. The air conditioner kicked on and cold air dried the sweat from his back, while her palms soothed away the chill. He rose up to his elbows, and she looked up at him from underneath her long lashes. He watched as her mouth, still swollen from his kisses, curved up into a contented smile.

Spotting her bra lying next to them on the bed, he reached for it and held it up by one of the straps. “Tell me where you bought it, and I’ll buy you another one.”

Hell, maybe he’d buy her a dozen of them.

She plucked it from his fingers and tossed it aside. “Don’t worry about it.” Her smile eased something open in his heart. “It was just a little something I picked up on a dare.”

As he looked down at her, a sense of realization brought a strong swell of emotion into his chest. He’d thought he saw regret in Dario’s eyes that day, but he’d gotten it wrong. His friend had found a sense of peace in that final moment because he’d been looking at all he’d loved. Ethan blinked back the moisture in his eyes. And if there was a chance for him to find that type of love with Jasmine, he was willing to take the risk.

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