Sold at the Auction(8)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Here,” grunted Miles, thrusting a piece of cloth at me. “Put it on.”

I took it with trembling fingers, holding the cloth up. Holy shit, it was a midnight blue robe, just like the one I’d seen the redhead wear. It was full-length with long sleeves, the material a shimmery midnight blue, mysterious and feminine despite its shapelessness. But I shook my head stubbornly.

“No,” I said, gritting my teeth. “I’m not wearing this.”

My resistance was steadfast because I couldn’t go down without a fight, I had to push back at my captor, do something to make sure I got out. But unfortunately, Miles was a sick bastard and wasn’t taking no for an answer when there was so much money on the table.

“Put it on her,” he ground out coldly and immediately hands were on me, seizing the cloth from my grasp, pinning my arms backwards so that I had no choice.

“No, stop!” I shrieked. “Stop, stop!” Hopefully someone could hear me, anyone. But no such luck. My hands were wrestled in back of me, the cape thrown over my body and the hood pulled over my head so I was shrouded in midnight blue, an enchantress in a gown, ready to take the stage.

But it did nothing to quell the rebellion I felt inside. Despite the horrific circumstances, I was still steaming, gritting my teeth and the invisible hands had to hold me tight.

“Good,” snarled Miles. “No marks on her, she’s going up for auction.”

I gasped, realizing that it wasn’t some sense of decency that kept them from hitting me. It was that I was up for sale, and any imperfections on my skin would detract from my price. It was money, only money, that was keeping these goons off me.

But suddenly a light came on above the entryway and I was hustled forward.

“You better cooperate,” hissed Miles, getting in my face, his expression a twisted mask of anger and greed. “Or you’ll find out what happens when there are no buyers to protect you.”

I backed away quickly, but not before I managed to spit fully in his face, a glob of saliva trickling off his chin.

“Don’t think I’m gonna cooperate,” I hissed, just as angry. “I don’t belong to you!”

The disgusting man just wiped the spittle away with a sodden handkerchief.

“Get her out of my sight,” he ground out, and with that, I was hauled into the room I’d seen on-screen.

Now that I was in the chamber itself, I could see that it was much more than a dais with a spotlight. There were windows all around the dais, about twelve of them, and they were one-way windows that could see me, but where I couldn’t see inside. Above each window was a light. All of the lights were off for the moment, but a shivery sensation crept over my body. Oh god, the bidders had to be in there, sizing up the goods, waiting patiently as I was led to the center.

And once I was positioned on the dais, the female voice chimed melodically.

“Welcome back to the auction,” she said, her tone still moderate and pleasant, like this was completely normal. “Here before us we have Article Twenty-One, an eighteen year-old girl. Handlers, please remove her robe.”

And with a swish, the midnight blue cloak was pulled from my body, the velvet caressing my shoulders as it left, leaving me chill on the dais. I didn’t know where to look, wasn’t sure how to stand, how to do anything. All I knew was that there were unknown men looking on at me, sizing me up for purchase, and it made shivers run through my arms and legs. I crossed my arms over my chest instinctively, as if trying to protect myself, but immediately the voice came on again.

“Please let the viewers see all of Article Twenty-One,” the woman chimed as the men pulled my arms down to my sides. “Article Twenty-One is tonight’s highlight, a unique lot with something rare, that may only be offered once. ‘The Girl in Gold,’ as we’re calling her, is a virgin. Yes, bidders,” she continued. “The Girl in Gold has never been touched, never been handled intimately by a man, and is ready for your pleasure.”

I gasped. Oh my god, I was tonight’s “special”? And I was special because I was a virgin? Suddenly I realized how Rachel had betrayed me. It wasn’t anything purposeful, she must have been gossiping and confided that I was a stick in the mud because I was a virgin. Unfortunately, Miles and his goons had immediately picked up on it and realized they could get a higher price, thus the kidnapping. Oh my god.

And what was this “Girl in Gold” stuff? How had they come up with this name? Suddenly, I realized it was my dress. The beautiful golden slip was gorgeous under the spotlights, shimmering sensuously, caressing my curves just so, the hem fluttering despite the lack of a breeze in the closed chamber. And I realized what I must have looked like – creamy, sensuous, young and nubile, glimmering before the men’s eyes, waiting for a taker.

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