Sold at the Auction(60)

By: Cassandra Dee

And like warriors declaring victory on the battlefield, both men tensed and then roared at once, their mighty forms shaking as they came, virile, white ropes of sperm shooting into my mouth even as John sprayed his brother’s rectum.

The nastiness of it was too much for me, the three of us lined up like a choo-choo train, and I came hard as well, my pussy seizing and clamping, shocks of electricity running up from my clit through my spine, tingling all the way to my fingers and toes, my body overtaken with pleasure and desire even as I swallowed desperately, trying to drink as much man milk as possible.

When the shudders ceased, Jonah gently pulled his cock from my mouth, the veiny length coming out inch by inch from between my ruby lips, shiny and still semi-hard. I coughed a bit, my throat dry, but I was wet where it counted between my legs.

On my knees I leaned back, expecting to see John pull out of Jonah as well. I admit, I wanted to see that penis, the dominant one, coming out of another man’s ass, coated in cum and anal sweat.

But the twins stayed locked together.

“Oh we’re not done yet,” the brothers said. “There’s still a ways to go, honey,” they grinned before starting up a rocking motion again. And I realized then that it was going to be a long, long night.



I’d thought that I was just covering for Abby, but it’d turned into something more.

“How was it?” my roomie had asked curiously the next day, her expression quizzical.

“Oh it was okay,” I said nonchalantly. “Jonah’s really hot, he looks just like his pictures,” I said, giving nothing away.

“Anything exciting happen?” Abby asked, her eyebrows raised. “I mean, out of the ordinary?”

But I felt no compulsion to spill the deets. Abby had known that there would be twins that night and had purposefully kept that from me, omitting the chat transcripts, tricking me into believing that this was a regular first date.

“Oh no, nothing at all. It was a nice Valentine’s, Jonah bought me a couple glasses of wine and then I came home, that’s all.” I made no mention of the hotel room, the twin, the double anal, my creaming pussy, the fact that now I could hardly walk normally, my body used yet sated.

“Are you going to see him again? Should I go?” she asked. “I mean, we look enough alike and it was dark at the Carlyle right? Maybe I should check him out myself, I’ll use my account to message him,” she said firmly.

“Oh no need,” I replied breezily. “We’ve already exchanged contact info, Jonah won’t be on Match anymore. Besides,” I said lasciviously, “he’s the CEO of Cambrian Corp., that new tech firm in NYC. He’s a busy man, I don’t think he’s got time for a repeat date.”

“Oh so you’re not seeing him either?” she asked curiously.

“No, I didn’t say that,” I replied, brushing out my hair. Even my hair looked more glorious, the chestnut a deeper brown with red lights, my skin and body flushed and healthy, like a peach ready to be plucked again. “I’ll be meeting up with Jonah again … just in different circumstances, that’s all.”

And it was because John and Jonah had made me promise. Our next liaison would be at a sex party, the kind with whips, chains and restraints, maybe even an audience watching avidly.

And you know what? I could hardly wait. Last night had been my best Valentine’s ever … and we weren’t done yet.


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