Sold at the Auction(6)

By: Cassandra Dee

And I gasped because invisible hands pulled the cape from the form, and the material slid fluidly away to reveal the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Red hair curled around a face as sweet as an angel, the glossy tresses reaching almost to her butt, and big brown eyes looked around, a little fearful, biting her lip. Oh my god, this was Article Twenty? Why didn’t they use her name? What was going on?

But the disembodied female voice continued.

“As you can see, Article Twenty is young and healthy,” the woman spoke again. “The girl stands five foot nine, measures 36-24-36, with brown eyes and red hair. Article Twenty, remove your dress please,” the voice said mildly.

The redhead inhaled again, looking around wildly with large eyes. I wondered why she didn’t run, there were no restraints on her hands and feet, although she was barefoot. But she didn’t try to run, instead quivering in place, breathing hard, eyes wide and rolling, as if searching for someone to help her.

Suddenly the voice came on again.

“Handlers, please help Article Twenty with her clothes,” it commanded.

And two men stepped from the shadows, dressed entirely in black, their faces shrouded with hoods. With gentle hands, they began removing the girl’s dress, undoing the buttons one by one, slowly unzipping the back until the floral material fell at her feet. The girl stood, shell-shocked, still uncomprehending.

“Handlers, please strip Article Twenty completely,” the female voice sounded out once more, disconcertingly mild. “Please remove all of her clothing.”

And the handlers did as told. Black-gloved hands went to the woman’s body, unsnapping the clasp of her bra so that the cups dropped away, revealing huge, luscious tits capped with pink nipples. The black-gloved hands also tugged at the woman’s underwear, slowly slipping it down her pale thighs until the redhead was completely nude before us, eyes still wide with fright, breasts trembling, a peek of her pink slit visible as she clutched her thighs together.

Oh god, what was going on? Why was this on TV? Why didn’t someone help this poor thing, obviously she was completely freaked out, frozen with fear. How could this be happening in the modern age, anyways? Weren’t there women’s rights, all sorts of female liberation movements specifically geared so that stuff like this didn’t happen?

But events were unspooling so fast that I watched, transfixed, in my little room as the female voice continued.

“Article Twenty, turn to the right.”

The redhead managed to respond this time, turning a semi-circle to her right.

“Left now, please,” the voice continued.

And the girl turned left, as if there were viewers on her left side as well.

“All the way around now,” the voice commanded. And this time, the redhead did a three-sixty so that the camera could see all of her body, the narrow, sloping shoulders, the thin waist, the long legs and the delicate jut of her elbows. The video was so sharp, in such high resolution that I could even glimpse splatters of freckles on her chest and the tops of her arms, like sunlight kissing milk. But then the voice took a different turn.

“Article Twenty,” said that monotone. “Please turn and bend over, putting your hands on the ground.”

The girl was unmoving, looking around, shocked like a deer in headlights, unable to absorb the order.

“Handlers,” came the voice again with a tone of finality.

And this time the two handlers did more than gently remove her clothes. One grasped the redhead around her waist as the other pushed down on her back, and the redhead bent over like a feather, her long red curls dropping to the ground, a slight glimpse of pink flashing between her legs.

But the voice wasn’t done yet.

“Legs spread please.”

And the two handlers reached down and gripped one ankle each, positioning the girl’s feet until she was bent over with her legs apart. Oh my god. I couldn’t believe what was happening. The redhead’s pussy came into full view, beautiful, engorged and moistly pink. Was she aroused? How could she be, after all this, the cold voice, the directions? It was like she was a piece of meat at an auction, being inspected before she was sold, how could she be aroused in the face of so much humiliation?

But sure enough, the girl’s pussy was glistening under the bright lights, and this time the two handlers did something unexpected. They took off their gloves and two pairs of male hands appeared. Before, I hadn’t paid too much attention to the men clad in black, they were shapeless, nameless, faceless minions doing the voice’s bidding. But now things were about to get a lot more personal.

Because two pairs of male hands pulled the redhead’s white cheeks apart, baring her cunt and ass under the glare, both holes winking, visible, and so gorgeous. It was amazing to see a woman spread like this, aroused, glossy with her own cream, and I watched, transfixed, as one of the men reached his hand to her folds and pulled her labia apart, revealing that clit. Holy shit, they weren’t pulling any punches here.

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