Sold at the Auction(4)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Of course, of course, cara,” rumbled Miles, his arm around Rachel’s waist, pulling the blonde tight. “And you remember my friends Enzo and Yannis.”

I frowned a little. Although the friends weren’t as crazily dressed as Miles, still, they weren’t my cup of tea. Both of them were burly as hell, like bulldogs, the collars of their leather jackets tight around their thick necks, Enzo’s bald head gleaming under the lamplight.

“Hey,” Enzo grunted, turning away. Yannis didn’t even say anything, just looking around like he was bored.

But I was supposed to be flirtatious and fun tonight, so I tried again.

“Hi,” I cooed, doing my best to purr. “I’m Ellie, nice to see you again.”

I held out my hand to shake but both men stared at it like they didn’t know what to do. Miles cut in.

“You losers, shake her hand! What the fuck is wrong with you? What do you think she’s waiting for?”

And grudgingly, Enzo took it, his big bear paw almost crushing mine, rough and greasy at once. But at least I only touched him for a second and then it was over. Yannis still wasn’t paying attention, looking off into the darkness, almost like he was scanning the neighborhood. Oh well. You just can’t win some people.

But Rachel was now beyond excited, almost jumping up and down.

“This is soooo cool!” she cooed, linking both arms around Miles’s neck, draping herself on the blue velvet blazer. “Where’s the club? I can’t wait! This is so different from the usual Vegas thing, we’re going to have so many stories to tell when we get back, it’s gonna be frickin’ amazing.”

I was a little embarrassed because what happened to playing “hard to get”? Rach was letting everything hang out, but I scolded myself again. Stop Ellie, I frowned. Just go with the flow and relax. So I pasted another smile on my face and tried to look excited.

“Can’t wait!” I chirped. “So fun!”

Miles threw his head back and laughed then.

“Cara,” he said gently, unwinding her arms from around his neck. “This is a super-discreet, top secret place that only the best people know. Trust me, you’re gonna love it. Enzo! Yannis!” he said. “Let’s show these ladies a good time.”

And sure enough, Yannis stepped up to a door that I hadn’t seen before. It almost blended in with the wall, there was nothing but a crack indicating it was there, the concrete façade smooth otherwise. And with a practiced knock, he rapped on the hard surface.

Nothing happened for a moment, although I could swear someone was looking at us. I’m not sure what made the hairs on my neck prickle, but I swear I could feel eyes on us, on me and Rachel in particular, taking everything in before the door swung silently open.

“Come on,” chuckled Miles, leading the way. “Come on, this place is fuckin’ awesome, you’re going to love it.”

And my hopes rose as we stepped through the door. Because instead of raucous party music, soft strains of something classical greeted us. And the foyer we’d entered was luxurious and dripping with elegance, set with marble floors, a beautiful colonnade leading to another hallway, sprays of flowers on either side. A woman nodded at us with a tray of drinks.

“Welcome to the Club,” she murmured, bowing slightly. Wow, the brunette was breathtakingly beautiful with her hair swept into an elegant topknot, a bodyhugging black dress on. This was their coat check girl? Suddenly I felt hot and embarrassed, face flaming, like I was crass and rude next to this woman’s understated elegance. But I made myself smile and murmur, “No thanks, I’m good.”

She merely offered the cocktails to the rest of my party, and sure enough Rachel downed one immediately, the pink liquid disappearing down her throat like water.

“Mmmm!” she said, lapping her lips a little, shooting Miles a lascivious look. “Have a sip, loverboy.”

And the swarthy man chuckled.

“I am, I am,” he remarked, although I noticed he didn’t actually drink the drink, merely holding it with one hand as Rachel balanced in the crook of his other. That seemed bad, but maybe he didn’t like girly tropical drinks, the kind filled with fruit flavors. Because that’s what this one looked like, just a step away from a pina colada with a little umbrella sticking out.

But even with the odd location and the weird drinks, I was still excited to see what lay beyond the hallway. Because the air of luxury entranced me, I admit. I was curious, excited, and wanted to let loose on this one night, I could sleep in as much as I wanted tomorrow, heck, even for the rest of the week. I could be a walking zombie for the rest of our vacation so long as I had a good time tonight, let my hair down to party.

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