By: Claire Kent

“Yeah,” she gasped, her arms already beginning to shake as she tried to hold up her body. “Oh, yeah. Don’t stop!” She turned her head to look back at him again, saw that his face was tense with concentration and effort.

His focused, determined expression made her even wilder—made her increasing abandon an irresistible contrast to his rigid control. She rocked her body back against his thrusting and whimpered, her helpless sounds mingling with the hum of the vibrator, the rocking of the bed, and the wet sound of him sliding inside her.

He grunted in time to their rhythm. “Do you like it when I take you like this?”

She had to straighten her neck and stare down at the pillow, no longer coordinated enough to look back at him. “Yeah,” she admitted, starting to pant from the effort. “Yeah. I like it.”

Her arms were shaking so much they would no longer support her upper body, so she bent them at the elbow and lowered her shoulders, folding her arms beneath her chest. Her bottom was now the only part of her body still elevated, and she thrust it up toward him.

Owen made a throaty sound and tightened the fingers of one hand bruisingly on her hip. “Yes, Amy, yes. Let go. Show me how much you like it when I fuck you from behind.” He didn't normally talk like that during sex, but for some reason it thrilled her, turned her on even more.

She didn’t always like this position, but something about the raw nature of their fucking was pushing Amy completely out of control. She gasped frantically, sucking on the saliva that had pooled in her mouth. “Yeah. Fuck me,” she begged, lost in the middle of the dueling sensations, caught between the vibrations on her clit and his rapid thrusting inside her. Her raw words sounded strange to her own ears, and they made her feel kind of wild and dirty. But she liked the strangeness of it. A lot. So she panted, “Just. Like. That.”

The sensations were rising so uncontrollably that Amy grew dizzy, felt like she was falling. She bit down hard on the pillow while tears leaked from her closed eyes.

With a flick of his finger, Owen switched the vibrator to a higher setting, and Amy smothered a scream in the pillow as the intensity became overwhelming.

“No,” he rasped. “Don’t hide it. Let go, baby. Show me how good I make you feel.”

She wanted to show him. Wanted to let everything go and start falling. Wanted to trust that Owen would catch her. But the stubborn part of her spirit resisted the free fall, and she tried to force out a response. “E—,” she began hoarsely, fisting her hands in the bedding in an attempt to hold onto something. “Eg—” Gasp. “Ego—” Another gasp. “Egotis—” Three harsh gasps in a row. Finally, she managed to pronounce the whole word. “Egotistical…” She had been going to add a few creative insults, but she decided against it as a deep pressure started to build below her belly. So she concluded on an exhale, “Jerk.”

He let out a rough burst of laughter. “True. But just this once…indulge me. Don’t try to control it. Let go for me.”

She would have argued some more but was physically incapable of it. Mentally incapable of it. Didn’t even want to be capable of it. She’d never felt so hot and primitive in her life. Never had imagined she could feel this way.

Turning her head so that her wet cheek was pressing down on the pillow, she cried out loudly, letting go of all restraint as she kept pressing her ass back into his pelvis, “God, Owen. Oh, God!”

“Yeah,” Owen echoed in a raspy voice, almost clawing at her hip now. “Just like that, baby.”

She cried out wordlessly as he pushed the vibrator against her even harder. Then again as she felt the massive swell of her orgasm approaching to swallow her whole.

Drool was leaking from the side of her mouth, and her eyes and nose were running. She didn’t care. Didn’t care how she looked or sounded—only cared how she felt. How Owen was making her feel.

“Yeah,” Owen coaxed in a hoarse whisper. “Yeah, come for me again. Come hard.”

She was definitely going to come hard. So hard she started to panic. Suddenly the sensations were too much for her, as if there wouldn’t be anything left of her once they passed.

Starting to shake uncontrollably, she choked out, “God, Owen, help. Help me!” She wasn’t sure what she wanted him to do—only that she was drowning and he was her only lifeline.

He slowed his thrusting in response to her plea and flipped the vibrator to the lower setting. He didn’t stop fucking her, but the sensations plateaued a little, and for the first time Amy could take a real breath.

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