Secrets and Sins:Raphael(97)

By: Naima Simone

He nodded. “Aslyn,” he repeated. She had to imagine how the low rumble of his voice rolled over the syllables of her name as if he physically caressed them…stroked them. “Are you okay?”

Was she…? Damn! Peeping Tom. Perv. Police. “Yes”—hell no—“I’m fine.”

“Is there anyone I can call to come stay with you tonight?” he asked.

“No,” she blurted, then stifled a wince. “No,” she repeated more calmly. “Really, I’m okay. Thank you for…for everything tonight.”

He studied her for a long, unnerving moment where she fought not to squirm. Jesus, he could wet a woman’s panties and make her run for the hills at the same time with that stare. Finally, he nodded again.

“If you’re sure.” He turned, crossed the room, opened the front door. And paused on the threshold. “And by the way,” he murmured, “you’re gorgeous, too.”

With those quiet words, he pulled the door closed behind him.

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