Precious Angel (Alpha Province #4)(7)

By: Becca Van

“I agree,” Jordan said.

The door to the exam room opened and Archer meet their gazes with a stoic expression, but Jayson could see how tense and angry the man was. His hands were clenched into fists and he was grinding his teeth. “You can come back in.” He spun on his heel.

Jayson and his brothers hurried after the bear shifter. A soft moan came from his mate. “Pixie, can you come in here please? She’s starting to wake up,” he said in a soft voice, knowing that she would hear him.

He hurried toward the end of the bed and gazed down at her bruised and swollen face. She tensed and then tried to roll off the bed. Jayson grasped her shoulders to prevent her from moving any further and hurting herself. “You don’t need to be scared, baby. We won’t hurt you. We’re trying to help you. The doc’s already taken some X-rays and is looking at them as we speak.”

Pixie shoved Jordan aside and said too quietly for their mate to hear, “Y’all need to back off. You’re terrifying her.”

Jayson moved around toward the wall and leaned against it between his brothers. Pixie walked closer to the bed. “I’m Pixie. You don’t need to be scared anymore. You’re safe here.”

“W-where am I?”

A shiver of need raced up Jayson’s spine at the sound of his woman’s soft, husky voice. He crossed his arms over his chest and tried to ignore the way his cock was pulsing and twitching as it filled with blood.

“You’re in Ambrose, North Dakota.” Pixie glanced at Broden as he walked toward the foot of the bed. “This is Doctor Broden Higgins.”

“Can you tell me your name, honey?” Broden asked in a low voice.


Jayson frowned, hoping she’d add her surname, and sighed when she didn’t.

“Are you allergic to any medications, Kenzie?” Broden asked.

“Not that I know of.”

Broden nodded. “That’s good. I’m going to insert a cannula in your hand to give you some fluids and some pain medication. You’re slightly dehydrated and as well as being very bruised, you have a couple of cracked ribs.”

“Okay.” Kenzie licked her dry lips and then winced.

“What happened to you, Kenzie?” Pixie asked in a soft voice.

Kenzie closed her eyes and sighed. Jayson’s anger surged front and center when tears leaked from under her lids and down over her bruised and swollen flesh, but once again, she remained silent. If it wasn’t for the hitch in her breathing and the tears seeping from her eyes, he would have thought she was asleep.

Broden frowned and shook his head, but he kept his mouth shut.

Jayson wanted to probe his mate for more information, but knew now wasn’t the time. He and his brothers needed to earn her trust as well as prove to her that she was safe with them. Whatever hell she’d been through had made her wary, and rightfully so.

His panther was going crazy again because they could all smell the pain and fear emanating from the pores of her skin. Hopefully after Broden had treated her, the scent of her pain would diminish.

He just hoped that she didn’t decide to take off once she was feeling more herself and could move without hurting so much.

Chapter Two

“Where the fuck is she?” Decha roared.

“I don’t know,” Feng Jin, Decha’s second, replied. “We’ve looked everywhere but the slut’s disappeared.” Feng was getting worried. Decha, his boss, was getting angrier by the second, but he wasn’t the man he was worried about. He was scared shitless that the Triad leader he’d sent the picture to, was going to come gunning for him and his superior.

Aiguo Lei was even nastier than Decha was. In fact, he made Decha look like a helpless little mouse. Lei had moved to America years ago to attend college and had loved the freedom and the country so much, he’d stayed. Lei had attained a degree in business and had made a name for himself, but it was the illegal pies he had his fingers in that had given him his renowned name. Lei was the head of the northern half of the American branch to the Triad, or Chinese Mafia, and was very bad news. If the fucker found out the woman he wanted to complete his collection was missing, their lives would be over.

“How the fuck did she get away?” Decha Hong combed his fingers through his hair. “She was out cold and too injured. Did someone help her?”

Feng shook his head. “They guys have been searching all night and day. One of the idiots left his keys in the ignition. She stole his car while we were all dealing with the other shipment of women.”

“Shit!” Decha thumped a fist onto the desk. “Please tell me you didn’t send that photo of the slut to Lei?”

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