Precious Angel (Alpha Province #4)(6)

By: Becca Van

“Thanks.” Broden worked quickly and efficiently as he carefully placed the collar. “Jayson, go around to the driver’s door. I’ll make sure she doesn’t move too much when you open it. We need to get her out of here.”

He hurried around the car and when Broden had gently moved his mate away from the door, he tugged it open. He met the doc’s gaze. “You can lift her out, but make sure you support her neck and head and don’t put any pressure on her ribs.”

Jayson drew in a ragged breath and then wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pushed another under her knees. He nodded at Broden and then carefully lifted his mate into his arms. The doc made sure her head didn’t move as he climbed out the driver’s door.

“I don’t want to jostle her too much. Can you hold her in the back seat of my truck?” Broden asked.

“Yeah,” Jayson replied and then met his brothers’ eyes. “You’ll need to drive my truck and her car into town. Are we taking her to the clinic or should we take her to our place?”

Broden frowned as he pondered the question. “The clinic. I need to X-ray those ribs, her face, and the rest of her body. I want to make sure she has no other breaks or fractures.”

Jayson nodded and walked toward Broden’s truck. The Kodiak shifter held the back door open for him and he carefully climbed in, making sure his mate’s body didn’t touch the frame or the seat. He sighed when he sat and cradled her in his arms. She was so damn small her weight barely registered, yet she felt so right. She was where she was supposed to be. He just hoped that he’d get the chance to know her.

Broden started the ignition after getting in the truck, did a U-turn, and followed Jenson and Jordan, who were driving the other vehicles, toward town.

Minutes later Broden pulled up in front of the clinic, turned the ignition off, and opened the back door. Jayson wondered if Airen and Archer had already been at the clinic waiting, or if the doc had contacted his brothers telepathically. If so, Jayson had missed it. He’d been so intent on his mate, he’d been deaf and blind to everything but her.

Jenson and Jordan were standing on the sidewalk with their arms crossed over their chests and fierce scowls on their faces.

He maneuvered out of the vehicle and carried her into the clinic. Jayson was glad to see Pixie and her lion shifter mate, Tatum, in the waiting room. He was relieved to have another woman present just in case his woman woke up.

“Put her on the exam bed.” Broden pointed to the bed after Jayson carried his mate into the room, aware of his brothers following him.

“Who would do such a thing?” Pixie asked in a wobbly voice.

Jayson didn’t need to look over his shoulder at the other woman to know she was crying. He could hear the tears in her voice and scent the aroma of salt water in the air.

As soon as he’d gently lowered his mate to the table, he stepped back so Broden could work. The doc set up the X-ray machine and then pointed toward the door. “You’re all going to need to leave. I’ll call as soon as I’ve taken the images.”

Jayson’s hackles rose with possessive jealousy. He didn’t want to leave Broden, Archer, and Airen alone with his mate. His animal was pitching a hissy fit. Thankfully, his human side was in control and he shoved his panther down onto his ass. His beast had nothing to be envious about because Broden and his brothers were already mated.

He turned to find his brothers glaring at the three men hovering over their mate. He stepped in front of them to block their view. “She’ll be fine. They have no interest in our mate. They have a woman of their own.” He walked closer to his brothers, clasped their shoulders, and squeezed.

The tension eased from their muscles and they sighed before they followed him out into the waiting area.

“Who is she?” Tatum asked, caressing a hand up and down Pixie’s back as she tried to regain control.

“She’s our mate.”

“I got that,” Tatum said, “but who is she?”

Jordan stepped forward. “There was nothing in the car.”

“What?” Jayson frowned.

“It was empty. No purse or anything else to give us a clue as to who our mate is,” Jordan explained.

“What about registration papers?” Jenson frowned.

“The glove box was empty, too.”

“I could get one of the Louis brothers to run the plates,” Tatum suggested.

“You can’t,” Pixie said as she turned in Tatum’s arms and faced Jayson and his brothers. “You need to wait and ask her what’s going on first.”

“Pixie’s right,” Jenson said. “We want to earn our mate’s trust. We can’t do that if we start digging into her life without her knowing about it.”

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