Precious Angel (Alpha Province #4)(5)

By: Becca Van

He didn’t even remember opening the door or climbing into the car beside her. His hands trembled as he reached for her, but before he touched her, he hesitated. He wasn’t sure if he should move her or not. He could be doing more damage without even knowing it. He dug into his pocket and pulled his cell phone out and called Broden. Broden Higgins was a Kodiak bear shifter, and he also happened to be the one and only doctor in their small town.

“Jayson, what’s up?” Broden answered.

“I need you here, now!”

“Where are you?”

“On 127th Ave NW, a few hundred yards from town.”

“Do I need my medical bag?”

“Yes. Bring Jenson and Jordan with you. Hurry, Broden.” Jayson disconnected the call and gently placed his hand on his mate’s forehead. Her skin was hot and feverish. With a carefulness he hadn’t known he’d had, he brushed her blonde hair away from her face and gazed intently at her. The bruising was dark and new. She looked as if someone had used her as a fucking punching bag. He ground his teeth so hard his jaw cracked and wondered if he’d end up breaking a tooth.

Her arms, legs, and feet were bare and covered in bruises, too. He wanted to lift her into his arms and tell her that she was safe, that whoever had hurt her was a dead man, but he clenched his fists instead. Jayson reluctantly shifted his gaze away from his mate and down the road toward Ambrose. A sigh of relief left his parted lips when he saw Doc’s vehicle speeding toward him. He got out of the car, leaned on the metal body, and crossed his arms over his chest.

Broden screeched to a halt and then guided his truck onto the verge of the road. Jenson and Jordan were out of the vehicle before the doc had turned the ignition off.

“What’s going—” Jenson groaned and stumbled before he righted himself.

“What’s that delicious—” Jordan gasped.

“Mate,” Jayson, Jenson, and Jordan said at the same time.

“Who’s hurt?” Broden asked as he got out of his truck, medical bag in hand. “Did I hear y’all say mate?”

Jayson’s panther hissed at the Kodiak bear shifter when he was close enough to the car to bend down and look in at his mate.

“What the fuck?” Broden growled.

Jordan and Jenson set the hackles on the back of his neck on end when they peered into the car and saw the state of their woman’s face. The growly yowling sounds they made mirrored his own anger, but they needed to keep their shit together in case she woke up. The last thing Jayson wanted was their mate fearing them because they were angry.

Jayson scrubbed a hand over his face and sighed when his fingers encountered his eye patch. He didn’t know why he was getting his hopes up. She would probably take one look at him and his brothers and head in the opposite direction.

He, Jenson, and Jordan had been caught in an IED explosion while they were serving in the Marines. If it hadn’t been for the faster healing they’d all no doubt be dead. It had been touch and go for a while, and their bodies had used all their reserves just to keep them alive. There was nothing left to heal them totally, hence the loss of his right eye, the burn damaged skin on Jenson’s forearms, the shrapnel scar on Jordan’s face and neck.

None of them had a woman in over six years because of their visible injuries and he’d been okay with that, but now, he wished he’d never joined up. He mentally shook his head because he wouldn’t have changed anything if he could have a do-over. He’d been proud to serve with his brothers and the other shifters to keep their country safe from fanatics and warmongers. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have met the other shifters or formed such solid bonds with them.

He pushed his thoughts aside and met each of his brothers’ gazes. “Control your anger. We don’t want to scare her.”

Broden was already in the front passenger seat of the car examining their mate. Jayson’s panther paced with agitation and jealousy, but he shoved his cat down deep.

“One of you need to get me the neck collar from my truck,” Broden said. “I don’t know if she has whiplash or any other neck injuries, but I don’t want to take any chances.”

Jordan hurried across the road toward Broden’s truck.

“Fuck!” Broden snarled.

“What?” Jayson crouched down so he could peer in through the open door, but Broden’s big body blocked his view.

“She has busted ribs.”

“Motherfuckingsonofabitch!” Jayson snarled.

“Fuckingsonofawhore!” Jenson snapped.

“Here’s the collar,” Jordan said through clenched teeth and passed it to Broden after Jayson moved aside.

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